February 4th Update

More images from the end of Rachel’s game this week.

As with Maddison’s game, if you perform well during sex, you have the option of choosing between a few bonuses to play through next.

I included a tiny bit of S&M in Maddison, but since Rachel is supposed to have a wilder personality, it makes sense for it to go a bit further with her.

Likewise, outdoor sex was included in Maddison, but in a safe hiding place down some steps. Rachel’s version of outdoor sex is to do it on a car hood in the middle of the street.

end95 end209

January 27th Update

From the start to the very end.

Since Maddison, I’ve gotten into the habit of making the end before the rest of the game. This way, it’s not the very last thing I have to do, which can wane my enthusiasm for it, meaning I loose my interest and cut corners to get it finished. Doing production in this order ensures that the end is nice and big.

Although there will be opportunities for sex throughout the game before the end, especially threesomes, Rachel ends with one big in depth act, which is all about the sex you both share when you get back to the apartment. There are currently over 150 images for this part so far (I’ll do the orgasms last).

I wanted to do something a little different for the foreplay in this segment, so I decided to explore something I haven’t really done before – roleplay.

Depending on your preference, Rachel will equip one of three costumes – nurse, schoolgirl or army cadet. Your challenge will be to maintain character, while still making things as sexy as you can.

end10 end48 end61

January 20th Update

Finally time for some preview pictures for the main game, Rachel part 3.

Since this is part 3, the idea is that parts 1 and 2 also happened in the lead up to this date. This means that you have been in a relationship with Rachel for some time. The date in part 3 is supposed to be your one year anniversary.

This opens up the possibility of some new scenarios. For instance, you can join Rachel in the shower before the date even begins. The result won’t be a full sex scene such as that found at the end, but a bit of oral naughtiness can still take place.

This part of the game will all be in the demo, so even free users can have a little something to aim towards.

intro16 intro27 intro55

January 13th Update – Strippers

Time for some more information on one of the mini games.

In case you haven’t read the other recent blog posts, the next big game, Rachel part 3, will be released alongside three small games. My last post gave some details about Kelly, now it’s time for ‘Strippers’.

Strippers will be focusing on two strippers which have already made brief appearances in previous games, Roxie (from Maddison), and Annabelle (from Lisette).

The two ladies are in a relationship together. Tonight is supposed to be a big date for them, but Roxie has no money left. The player will control Roxie throughout the evening as she strips and gives a lapdance. The better she performs, the more money she gets, and so the better the date becomes.

Strippers is already completely finished, so it will definitely be released.

In the next post, I’ll start giving details about Rachel. I’ll also start posting on a weekly basis as we count down to the release.

end5 intro11 lap10

December 30th Update

As I said in my last blog post, the next main game will be Rachel Part 3, but there will also be three smaller games released alongside it. Two of these games are already finished, so it seems appropriate to begin giving details on those.

The first smaller game will be entitled ‘Kelly – Solo’. You will be controlling Kelly under the guise of the narrator as we watch what things she gets up to while spending an evening alone. Depending on the choices the player makes, some of these can get quite naughty. Or she can just go to bed.

There are two different endings for the player to find.

kell1 preview1

December 16th Update

Time to announce what’s coming next from vdategames.

My intention was of course to do these announcements last week, but hotfile was shut down and I had to use my free time reuploading every game on the site. Players should now find three different new hosts for each free game.

Onto the announcements…

The next main, new game created for the site will be Rachel Part 3. It will probably be the last Rachel game, as I like the idea of doing a trilogy, though that doesn’t mean she won’t appear in smaller roles.

I am aiming for something similar to my Maddison game in terms of size and structure. For instance, I like the idea of a whole act for the sex, but with lots of variations, mini-games and rewards. You should also expect a similar amount of locations as there were in Maddison.

The Rachel game will not be alone however! I will actually be releasing a small collection of games this time around, rather than just one. Rachel will be the largest, but there will also be two to three smaller games released with it. Their sizes will be closer to my office party game (Alex and Sophie) or Tammy. I’m not too sure how many there will be exactly, but one is already completed, so there will be at least two released.

I will be announcing more details about these over the next few blog posts. I’m not ready to announce a release date just yet, but starting in the new year, there will be updates with preview picture on a weekly basis.



November 16th Update

Only a brief post today to announce the upcoming events on vdategames.

The next game will be a free game release, and as many have correctly predicted, it will be Zoe. It will be available to play for all on Monday, December 2nd.

Since it was surprisingly popular last year, I will also be doing the advent calendar this year, starting on December 1st.

I also have a new version of the members section nearly ready to upload, so members will see a change during the next few weeks. No new content will be added, but it should look much nicer and more appealing.

Final thing to say is that I am also working on the next game (or is it games? :)) for the members section.They will most likely be available in the new year.


September 16th Update

It looks like things are finally back to normal.

The website has been added to the same package I use for the main site and epoch have finished everything they need to do to give members access.

If you signed up previously, you should be able to log in now. If you are still having issues, please contact epoch via epoch.com. They will have your purchase registered in their databases and will be able to give you access.

I have also switched the pages back so new members can sign up now if they wish.

Again, my sincerest apologies for this issue, but know that it was beyond my control. I have now severed every connection I have to hosgator and they will never darken my towels again.

OK happy face_full