May 25th Update


So, first of all, thank you to everyone who voted in the poll last week.

Although the ‘Give them their own game’ option did get more votes, there wasn’t that much in it overall. Judging by the comments, the main thing to note seems to be that people weren’t too bothered either way, as long as they get the sisters at some point. So, for now at least, it seems like I’ll just persevere with both Maddison and Lisette being in this game.

Photographer 3

As this game takes place in the island paradise setting, we’ll be seeing returning characters from the games previously set there.

I like both Miranda and Zoe the way they are, so I’m not planning any big alteration to their looks. Emma though never quite reached her full hotness potential. As a test, I thought I’d try her with longer hair. As you can see above, it really, really works, so this is officially her new look!

You may notice that Faye from Miranda’s game is missing. I’m probably not going to use her as I already have three other redheads in this game. Also, I don’t think she was ever really that hot (unless she has a big hidden following here. Shout out if you need her to be in this game).


Still no news from dsp3000. Hopefully he’s OK. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something.


May 18th Update

Still no news from dsp3000 as of yet (to the point that I’m starting to get a little worried he’s OK), so I shall simply persevere this week with more info about my next game.

Photographer Part 3

Time for a name description of one of the new characters I’m introducing.

This is Paige.

Currently, she is Mia’s assistant (Mia being the new owner of the company following Mr. Hughes death). I’m thinking about giving her a different role though. I feel like I’m always just appointing assistants to stick another female character in the plot (Kristen was Leanna’s assistant. Carol was Mr. Hughes). I’d like to do something a little more original.

Many of my characters body types are typically fairly similar (or at least fall into a few categories). I’ve been determined for a while to have a short, very thing woman with small breasts for variety, and this is her.

Some of you may be finding something familiar about her. Remember last year when I considered dropping rendering Leanna in IRAY? I made a version of her for Poser? Well, this is the heavily altered same model, so if you can see a little of Leanna in her face, that’s why.


Those of you who follow my twitter will have noticed I’ve added some Maddison images this week. I decided to update both Poser and daz studio. For daz, I actually did a full clean install as there’s been a few issues for a while I though it would solve.

There is a plugin I’ve had for some time which allows you to convert your characters between ‘generation 4’, Which is what Maddison/Lisette/Crystal etc normally are, to Genesis 3, which is what Leanna and co are. Mortze already successfully used it to convert his characters such as Miranda and Chloe to Genesis 3. I’ve had trouble getting it to work previously, but now, thanks to this clean install, it works!

I can now convert most of my characters to Genesis 3 and easily render them in IRAY.

So, of course this opens up lots of choices and options for me. Photographer 3 rendered in Poser needs to¬†happen next. I just don’t have enough spare time to create anything in IRAY over the summer. But what about the next game?

I could have Maddison and Lisette, as Genesis 3 characters rendered in IRAY in a later game. Or I could just use it to convert Crystal for Crystal Part 3 (whenever I do that).

The pitch : Drop Maddison and Lisette from Photographer 3. Give them their own joint game later in the year, or next year.

Pros :

– It makes Photographer part 3 easier for me, and it should be finished a little quicker.

– They’ll look great in IRAY.

– Neither Maddison or Lisette will simply be a side character like they would be in Photographer 3.

Cons :

– You’ll have to wait longer for more Maddison and Lisette.

– It’ll mean waiting longer for Mariana and/or Molly.

– It’ll mean yet another game added to my ‘to do’ pile’, which I’m really not keen on. Poor Molly’s been in the queue for 18th Months now.

Should Maddison and Lisette be in Photographer Part 3, or should they have their own game?

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Disclaimer : I am not legally bound by the results of this poll.

May 11th Update

No news from dsp3000 yet (i’ll give him a poke this week to see what’s happening). So, I might as well summarize what I’ve been doing for Photographer Part 3.

For the returning characters I really didn’t want to just reuse the character models we last saw. Tweaking them, trying to improve them and making them look even hotter is a very good way to motivate me towards this game. I’ve started with the obvious one – Maddison.

The obvious change is the hair, but I’ve also been applying newer morphs to her body, including some subtle breast ones. This isn’t the final version, but I really like what I see so far.

Other work that I’ve done is mainly planning. Prompted by some players saying that they would prefer the game just to be released in one part, I find myself agreeing with them. The last two big games I made, Leanna and April & violet, were both debatably released in two parts. After releasing the first part/version of them, it’s really a struggle for me to get back into the momentum for the final part. So, I think I’ll just aim to release this as one big thing.

Since that means it will all be released in a summer month, I think I’ve decided to have the whole thing take place on the island paradise seen previously in Miranda’s and Zoe’s games. I certainly like the idea of lots of hot established characters wearing bikinis all the time.

May 4th Update

Just a quick update from me today.

After various tests and assessments of what I can do this summer, it looks like there’s a final decision of what my next game will be. As hinted at before my break, I will be working on Photographer Part 3.

As you can see, it will be rendered in Poser as opposed to daz studio and IRAY in order to make production much quicker. I will also (most likely) just be using the white male player character. It will also be a game for the members section, though we will also be releasing a game for free (not a new one).

Also note that all characters seen in the image are not final versions (except Maddison of course).

There’s still a lot of details to figure out, not least of all the setting. Since this’ll be released during the hottest months, I am very tempted to do an idyllic paradise island style setting¬† (lots of characters in bikinis). I’m also not sure yet how many parts it will be released in.

No news from dsp3000 just yet. I’ll let you know any progress with Bridgette Part 3 as soon as I hear it.