January 29th Update

Grace has now been released and is available in the members section. If you can’t see it, make sure you refresh your pages.

The final image count is 123, with two main endings to aim for. So, much larger than other mini games like Kelly Solo, but not as big as the biggest ones of course.

As stated in previous blog posts, this game is all about Grace, who decides that today at work, she is simply going to amuse herself. This can include things like browsing the internet for funny cat pictures, dancing in her office naked, or eventually, sex with Sarah.


endcard1 endcard2 endcard3

January 22nd Update

Since I was pretty vague about the details of Grace last week, I think it’s time to go through some more details.

First of all, the full Title will be ‘Grace : A day at the Office’.

As with my other mini games, Kelly solo, Strippers and Erica & Crystal, you will be controlling Grace rather than playing as the normal player character. Instead of doing her normal work, Grace decides to spend the day doing whatever she likes instead. As you choose different actions, her mood will improve and open up new ones.  Her actions can include anything from paperwork, to dancing naked in her office, trying to seduce her assistant Sarah, or masturbating on her desk. The purpose of the game is to see how many fun scenarios you can get her into before time runs out at the end of the working day.

I’m still aiming to release it next Friday.



January 15th Update

Through a combination of last weeks poll, the ideas I currently have to work with, and my personal preference, I’ve decided to do a Grace Mini game. I probably won’t be labeling it as a mini game though, as it looks like it’ll be much larger than, say, Kelly Solo. I’m estimating it’ll be around 150 images. It will also likely be finished and release two weeks from today.


I’ve also decided to make Betsy a large game later in the year. If you had your heart set on a Tammy or Daisy mini game, or perhaps Pool Party 2, don’t worry too much though. There’s a likely chance some of them will be appearing throughout the year too.


January 7th 2016

I’m finding it a little hard to decide what to do for my next game right now.

To be blunt, the plan was to do Crystal Part 3. Progress is going very well, but it’s one of those games where I can’t resist the temptation to keep adding things. It’s a temptation I could resist, but I feel like the third game in the Crystal trilogy need to be one worthy of it’s title. So, basically, I can keep working on her, but I may not be finished for a while yet. Release may be the end of April or later.

As a result, I think I want to take a break from her and do a smaller game first. But what to do? I’m making this blog post to get some opinions on the matter.

Some of the long term followers of the site might recall me posting an image of Rachel with her sister, Betsy a long time ago. One possibility might be to do a game with her. A possible problem with that though, is I particularly like her, and wonder if she would be wasted on a small game. I spent a lot of time refining her school uniform (school would be the setting). What do you think?


Of course, another possibility would be to make a mini game focusing on another character. There’s plenty of popular ones who haven’t had a game focusing on them yet.

Grace? Tammy? Daisy? I don’t think I have the conviction towards making a large game featuring any of them though.

I’ve added a poll with as many options as I could think of. Vote to have your say, and leave a comment if you want to say something more specific.


EDIT : Here’s an extra couple of images to help you decide.



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