December 24th Update


First up, the full advent calendar is now online, including the 25th’s special mini comic.

You can also view all the previous advent calendars by clicking here (someone always asks for them).


The poll has a clear winner in the full leather suit, so that’ll be my new title card.

I probably won’t be posting until the new year, but when I do, hopefully I’ll have a nice pile of new renders to show you, and even a release date for Crystal.

Enjoy your Christmas!

December 13th Update

This week, I’m happy to say that I have now finished making every sex animation in Crystal part 3. Now, I just need a few weeks of my computer working overnight to render them.

I can confirm therefore that there will be five sex scenes in this game minimum.


Not much to show image-wise this week as I’m just waiting for those animations to render, so let’s have a fun poll.

Which image do you prefer for Crystal’s title card?

Image 1 (top)

Image 2 (bottom)

Obviously, it’s just superficial and makes no difference to the game, but I thought it might be fun to have a vote on this as I can’t decide.

Which title card image do you prefer?

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EDIT : No post this Friday. Instead, I’ll be doing my traditional one on Christmas eve.