December 30th Update

As I said in my last blog post, the next main game will be Rachel Part 3, but there will also be three smaller games released alongside it. Two of these games are already finished, so it seems appropriate to begin giving details on those.

The first smaller game will be entitled ‘Kelly – Solo’. You will be controlling Kelly under the guise of the narrator as we watch what things she gets up to while spending an evening alone. Depending on the choices the player makes, some of these can get quite naughty. Or she can just go to bed.

There are two different endings for the player to find.

kell1 preview1

6 thoughts to “December 30th Update”

  1. Sounds good. So there is going to be 4 games released, 1 main and 3 smaller, one of which you described here and the other 2 still a mystery. Sounds good, so when can we expect a ETA on these “mini” games?

    1. Yes, that’s exactly right.

      I’m not willing to commit to a date yet, but early March would be a sensible guess.

      1. No, that is good. Just wanted to know when we could expect to see them. March seems good, take longer if needed. These games are great, so do not rush them. 🙂

        Do they have multiple endings, or one set, but different choices along the way. Either way, excited to see these new titles. 🙂 🙂

  2. Also forgot to mention, looks like you made the graphics smoother and stepped it up a bit. Nice. Can not wait to see these new titles.

    1. I chose to experiment with higher details images with Kelly’s game, but the others will most likely be of a similar quality to Maddison etc.

      I’d love to do every image like the above renders, but it can be much more time consuming. Instead of releasing the games in march, it would be more likely I’d be releasing them at Christmas.

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