January 20th Update

Finally time for some preview pictures for the main game, Rachel part 3.

Since this is part 3, the idea is that parts 1 and 2 also happened in the lead up to this date. This means that you have been in a relationship with Rachel for some time. The date in part 3 is supposed to be your one year anniversary.

This opens up the possibility of some new scenarios. For instance, you can join Rachel in the shower before the date even begins. The result won’t be a full sex scene such as that found at the end, but a bit of oral naughtiness can still take place.

This part of the game will all be in the demo, so even free users can have a little something to aim towards.

intro16 intro27 intro55

8 thoughts to “January 20th Update”

  1. So obvious question, you already stated that the PC can be male or female but the PC in the first 2 Rachel games was clearly male. Are you planning to redo the first 2 games to remove the continuity error or just planning on having her and the male PC break up if you choose female? Don’t really mind the cop out 2nd option as long as both genders get similar scenes.

    Also if Rachel has been in a relationship with the male PC from previous games, is the implication that the man she is seen with in Lisette the same PC from Rachel’s games? Along the same lines, is the PC from Pool Party also the same PC from previous games? She does mention in that game that you had been on previous dates with her.

    I guess I’m struggling with the idea of Rachel in a relationship, she didn’t seem like the type to go for that. Also puts a new spin on her appearances in Leilani, Kelly and the Photographer though I suppose they might have been dating but not serious at that time. Maddison was within the past year though, do they just have an open relationship? That’s something I could see Rachel being interested in.

  2. Lol. If you’re asking about the canonicity of these games, then at this point I really have no idea.

    I guess the way I rationalise it is that the games all take place in alternate realities. They all take place on the same night, but ‘this is what happens if you went out with Erica instead of Leilani’. However, sequels are obviously a continuation of what happened in the previous game.

    So in one ‘universe’ you’ve dated Rachel for a year, and in another you work for Maddison, had a threesome with Ellie and her, and now you’ve started dating. Also, in two very similar ‘universes’, a man has been dating Rachel in one, and a woman in another.

    However, certain games are also referenced in other ones, so I guess they are part of the same ‘universe’.

    There’s probably a bit of fun to be had making a big chart of which games are clearly specified as existing in the same universe as others.

    Finally, when it comes to being in a relationship with Rachel for an entire year, the idea is that this isn’t common for her. Most partners in a relationship can’t keep up and have to break up.

  3. @ Brigma – no offense, but i think you are over thinking it. 🙂 . I think of it as Chaotic states it. Different stories, different universes, kinda like a “what if” sort of thing.

    On another note, Chaotic these are looking good. Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Man, i’m a big fan of your games.
    Awesome, congrats.

    Sorry for the basic level of English, because I am a Brazilian fan. I wonder if I could send you some scripts for games, an assortment of stories, just out of curiosity.
    That their jobs remain so wonderful.

  5. Do you have any plan to make those multimedia games to work on iOS, like iPad? FLV is definitely not supported, will mp4 help?

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