March 18th Update

More from dsp3000 on his upcoming game…

“This week it’s time to introduce some of the students who you will meet in part one of ‘The Academy’ series.

Maria and Holly: You will know both of these girls from their roles in the Tara games.

Laura, Amy and Lola: Maria’s friends Amy and Lola were briefly introduced at the end of Tara part three. They are also friends with new character Laura.

Isabella, Annie and Genevieve: More new characters and another distinct friendship group at the Academy. You will find out what sort of girls these three are.

Megan: A bit of a loner who does her own thing. Watch out for her sarcastic wit.

So that’s very brief introduction to nine more of the characters who will feature in the new games. There are a few more who are planned for future games too. Revealing them now though could be considered a plot spoiler.

In terms of progress on The Academy: Day One; I’ve finished just under 700 images so far and I’m in the final stages of production. There is one large scene to complete plus a couple of linking scenes too. But still on target for completion and release at the end of March.

More details next time.”

isabella_annie_genevieve laura_amy_lola maria_holly megan

March 11th Update

More from dsp3000 on his next game…

Time to reveal some more details about my latest game.

This will be the first part in a series of games based in a college/university and will be called “The Academy”.

You will be working there as a consultant with a clear objective to complete. Of course there is always time to explore the college grounds, meet the staff and students and work on your own side projects too. Just try not to get fired…

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but it is something I’ve been working on for a quite a few months. It will hopefully be an interesting, engaging and most of all fun story to play your way through.

For this blog post I thought I’d introduce some of the staff who you will meet.

Bridgette is your primary point of contact at the Academy. She is responsible for managing you while you are working there.

Jodie is the Receptionist/Administrator. A useful woman to get to know.

Didi is the Principal’s assistant. She takes care of any statistics and logistical information you might require.

Principal Valentine. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of the Principal do you?

Sebastian is the Groundskeeper. He also has a somewhat dubious reputation amongst the female staff and students.

Next week I’ll be profiling the students.

bridgette didi jodie principal sebastian

March 4th Update

This week, details from dsp3000 on his next game…

I’m happy to reveal that I am well over halfway through the production on my next game. The images will give you a few clues as to how this one will look.

This game will be the first part of a series where the endings from one part will carry over into the next.

I’ve spent a few months working on a pretty extensive plot for each part and I’ve also developed about 15 new characters, some of whom you can see for yourselves.

For continuity, Maria features in the new games, along with Holly, Amy, and Lola. These girls were introduced in the final installment of the Tara game. More details about the game will be released in future blog updates along with the names of all the new characters.

So far I’ve completed just under 400 images for part one, so I’m anticipating about 800 on completion. Hopefully this should be before the end of March.

As always, feedback is more than welcome


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