November 28th Update

Time today to announce who the final threesome in the game will involve. Play the game right and you can end up in bed with Rachel and…her mother.

Rachel’s mother Cassandra was introduced in Maddison’s game as the nightclub owner, and in Rachel Part 3 we found out who exactly she was.

I’ve always wanted to have one ‘date-able’ character in these game who was a little older, and Cassandra seem like a good one to use here. I doubt she’ll end up with her own game, but it’ll be fun to use her in this context at least once.




EDIT : Almost forgot- starting Monday, I will be starting my annual advent calendar for the site. Check back every day for a new image!

November 21st Update

This week it’s time to announce one of the new women who will be appearing in the The Photographer Part 2. Meet Carol.

She already appeared in a notable role in Rachel Part 3, where she was introduced as Mr. Hughes assistant. Even at the time, my intention was to bring her back later in a very specific way, which I am now doing. I tried to deliberately play up her personality as being very formal and cold, which would lead into how she was sexually. I won’t give everything away, but you can probably tell from the preview pic the direction her mini storyline takes.

It’s something I’ve had lots of requests to do, basically since I started making these games, so for once I’m going for it (though it will be likely be the only extreme S&M thing I include in any games).

Also in this post, I’ve included some previews of the Lisette ending where it’s just her and the player.

To summerize the endings I’ve finished now :

– Nikki & Melyssa threesome

– Nikki alone

– Melyssa alone

– Tammy, Daisy and Lisette foursome

– Tammy alone

– Daisy alone

– Lisette alone

Next week I’ll be announcing the final threesome of the game.

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4

November 14th Update

Although there will be threesomes (and one foursome), each model also gets their own ‘solo’ ending with the player.

Unlike in the first Photographer game, I don’t want the endings to be too copied and pasted this time around, so I’ve tried to add a slightly unique path for each character in the lead up to sex. As part of the foreplay, each model will also do one unique action which will take the form of an animated GIF. The example below is from Tammy’s solo ending where she dances for you.

preview2 preview3 preview4