May 2nd Update

This week I finally got around to doing something I’ve intended for a while – Tutorials.

I really like the idea of people trying to make their own virtual date games, so I’ve put together a short course of five different segments. You can find part one on the new tutorials page :

I’ll try and update them every week over the next month with the next part. As the first tutorial states, the different segments will be the following.

1 : Introduction & images
2 : Planning
3 : Advanced images
4 : Coding
5 : Things to think about

Part 1 gives a basic introduction to the different softwares involved and guides you through what’s needed to create your first image.

I’ll add a link to the blog with each section. If you try them and get stuck, leave a comment here and I’ll try to help you out.

Hopefully, anyone who manages to get through all five will end up with all they need to make their own games.