March 24th Update

Just a fairly simple update this week as there’s nothing too new or dramatic to report.


Production on Leanna is progressing. There’s been a little less done this week due to work and social commitments, but I still got a nice pile of images rendered.

For your second date with Leanna, you’ll have a choice of three locations. One of them is the mall and here’s the first image from it.

Also here’s an image of the final version of the female player character, but with a darker skin tone.

Other games

Nothing to report from either dsp3000 or MrStomper. When I know something you will.


So, for the poll this week, I want to ask something about your gameplay style out of curiosity.

When playing the game, do you play as yourself, or perhaps a more of stylized version of yourself?

Or do you play as a character you’ve invented?

Or do you not care as long as the gender and skin tone match what you are in real life?

I know that some people also play through multiple times as different characters, but for this poll I’m asking what you do the first time you play, or perhaps the persona you adopt most of the times you play. Whatever you consider the main character you choose to play as.

Rate Jennifer

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March 17th Update – Fetishes

Before I address my work progress, I want to take some time today to talk about something that seems to appear every so often in the comments section and in my emails ; fetishes.


Although it’s not the main content of most comments or the emails I receive, it’s fairly predictable that throughout the year I will always receive a fairly steady amount of requests from people to include their fetish in one of my upcoming games.

So, I decided to make this handy little list of every fetish I can think of and classify them in accordance to how likely it is that they’ll ever appear.

Green category – Likely to appear

These are the fetishes that I personally like and have a 100% chance of appearing in my games.

  • Public exhibitionism
  • Outdoor sex
  • Dirty talk
  • Lesbianism
  • Facials
  • Voyeurism
  • Masturbation

Yellow category – Maybes

These are the ones that I’m not really into except occasionally if I’m in a certain mood, but am willing to include if there’s a sufficient level of interest in them. If I have a poll and about 75% or more vote in favor of it, then I’ll have it in my game.

  • Anal
  • Girl on girl incest
  • A boy+boy+girl scene (or any scene featuring multiple men and one woman)
  • Light S&M or bondage
  • Monster sex
  • Feet (really not into this myself, but nothing against it)
  • Creampies
  • Squirting

Red category – Will never include

These are the ones I’ll be including when hell freezes over. Maybe if you offered be $100K to include one I’d think about some of them, but until then you’ll never see these in my games.

  • Rape
  • Blackmail
  • Boy on girl incest
  • Futa/shemale/’chicks with dicks’
  • Peeing
  • Pooping
  • Breast milk stuff
  • Underage
  • Necrophilia
  • Period play
  • Heavy/hard S&M
  • Cheating/infidelity
  • Bestiality

If there’s one I missed and you’re curious about, feel free to ask below and I’ll and them to one of the three lists.


Work on Leanna is still progressing at a steady pace. I’m still optimistically looking at a release date in May.

As an alternative to the yoga class, you can a choose playing basketball with Leanna’s ‘friends’ instead. Here’s a couple of previews from the sequence.

Girls section

Something I forgot to mention last week!

When I released Photographer Part 2 for free, I also updated the girls section. It now includes every lady from my newer games, and everyone from dsp3000’s games.


Is there any interest in slightly more ‘toon’ characters. That is, women with a slightly more stylized look to them. This isn’t my own creation, but it’s a good example of something I could create.

The character wouldn’t necessarily look like that though. Alternatively, I could get something looking more like Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock.

What do you say? It might be fun to experiment with character designs a little after Leanna is finished, but I can understand why some people might find them off putting.

Rate Grace

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March 10th Update

Photographer Part 2

The Photographer – Part 2 has now been released for free.

You can find it here for online play or download :


Sadly, Kexter wasn’t able to find the time to convert the game to a new engine (he’s a busy guy), so I went about doing the conversions I felt were necessary myself. This was mainly just how the animations work. I converted all 140 or so GIFs to image sequences instead. Everything works and flows much better now. If you already have a copy of this game from the members section, I encourage you to a get a copy of this version too as the animations work a thousand times better.

The final game is now over 10000 images in size and about 3GB to download. This mean I’ve been having some trouble finding flehosts as most don’t permit files that big, or if they do, you have to pay for the privilege of downloading them. So, since the site has been good so far, I’ve actually added the downloadable file as a direct from this site. Hopefully, that will work well. If you can’t see the new download link, remember to refresh the game’s page.

Other games

Progress with Leanna is still going fairly well. This week, I’ve begun rendering images for you second ‘date’ together. I’ll be sharing some of them next week.

Nothing to report from either dsp3000 or MrStomper. When there’s something to say, don’t worry, I’ll say it.


Now that Photographer Part 2 is released, who’s your favorite lady from it? Pick up to three.

Rate Faye

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March 3rd update

EDIT : having a few last minute difficulties with photographer part 2. Hopefully it should be online before the end of the day.

Welcome to March, everyone.

Photographer Part 2

Photographer Part 2 is still due to be released for free next Friday, March 10th. The main reason why I want to leave the release day until then (rather than just releasing it today), is that hopefully Kexter will be upgrading the engine so it runs smoother. He may not have time though – he’s a busy guy. We”l see what happens. Either way, in one form or another, it will be available for everyone next week.


Despite her getting de-prioritized, I have been working still on Leanna : Fading the Facade. This week, I’ve mainly been creating renders for a scene when the two of you are due to meet in the morning, but Leanna failed to set her alarm and slept in. As a result, she’s dressed more casually, and her hair is very unkempt.

As I stated last week, I am also going to be going back though the game and adding images for ethnicity options. That is, the images that show if the player wants their character to be black.

Here’s the new female player character with darker skin.

I’m still not 100% satisfied with her though. Her skin still looks a bit too matted and there’s something a little off about the color tone.

And here’s the options for the Male player characters. As decided/announced in previous blog posts, you will have the option of seeing certain moments (such as sex) from a third person angle, not just first person POV. In these, you will be able to see the female players characters face, but the males’s will always just be out of shot or obscured.

For this game, I’ve also decided to give the male player slightly more size in their genitals. I don’t want them too big or ‘cartoon-y’, but a bit more substantial length and girth should make the sex scenes a little hotter.


This week the poll’s all about tattoos. Do you like them on virtual women, or do they spoil what would otherwise be a perfect natural sight?

Rate Evana

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