September 28th update

So, for today’s blog post I guess I want to get a bit of a discussion going.

As regular visitors to the blog will know, starting from February earlier this year, I’ve been taking a year long hiatus to pursue another big project in my life that I’m passionate about.

I’m not sure if I should classify it as good or bad news, but it looks like the hiatus will actually end around late July/early August next year (2021). This is partly due to the original project expanding (which is good), but also unsurprisingly the pandemic has affected all sorts of practical things this year, and I’m no exception.

So, my big question for this post is what should I do about the site’s content in the meantime?

Are you all OK with no new content added to the site from me until at least August next year?

If not, what do you feel you’d be content with?

I mentioned a few posts back the idea of doing an alternate take on the Spring Break party from Lenna, with you playing as another character and a large emphasis on seducing Debbie. It’d be a fairly small game though. I’m not sure something the size of Leanna’s Big Streak would be enough content to keep up the site’s momentum until August next year.

I have actually come up with a larger game premise I like too. It’s simple enough – you’re the new coach of a women’s 5v5 soccer team. Five women you can try and seduce (maybe one of them Debbie if I don’t do the other game). Lot’s of options. Lot’s of possibilities for exhibitionism of the pitch and in front of crowds. It would have to be a bigger game though, which means taking 1 or 2 month long break from my other project, which in turn means finishing it later than I’d like. I think I’d prefer to tackle it after my project is done.

Or, how about this..? There’s been the occasional mention of remakes/remasters of some of my older games. That would be fairly easy for me to do as I don’t need to do it in one batch. It doesn’t really matter if I loose track of the plot because everything is already written. I can just dip in and out of it whenever I have free time and in the mood.

Two obvious examples for this would be my first Crystal game (with the new version of Crystal) , and something that’s been particularly popular for me, such as Maddison’s game.

Or, as I suggested first, would everyone simply be OK with no new games until late next year, knowing that when I make a new game, it has my full attention.

No polls for any of this, but I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on the matter.

September 4th Update

Just a quick post this week.

Next week, the next free game will be added to the site and I have chosen to go with…Anna.

Yes, since MrStomper is currently making a sequel, it seems appropriate to release the original so that everyone can enjoy it. I will be adding it to the free section on Friday.

Finally, a random bonus Erica pic. Enjoy!