A request for for publicity

An idea I like occurred to me recently, so it seems like a good idea to make a post about it in the hopes that as many players on the site can join in as possible.

As a result of the reduced advertising revue the site is getting now, I thought it might be a good idea to encourage some publicity for the site. Specifically from forums and message boards. So here’s what I’m asking.

If you’re a member of a forum or message board (which allows adult content), and you have a few spare minutes sometime this week, I would appreciate it greatly if you could drop a link recommending the site. If you tweet, it would also be great if you could spare a tweet about this site.

Enough new players should make up for the loss in advertising revenue easily.

Just use this link to Lisette and invite others to give it a go : http://www.vdategames.com/vdlis.html

If the forum allows images, here’s a selection for you to post to get some interest :

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10

If you can’t, don’t feel bad, but if you can, it might help the site out a lot.

August 9th Update

It’s that time again – time to start counting down to release by posting two pictures a week!

There’s been a small delay as I’ve been trying to find a good advertising alternative, but work is still progressing (I’d say push my earlier estimate of a release date back one week).

apart7 apart23