July 31st Update

Today, I’m happy to announce that everything in the game is now finished except the epilogues. This easily puts me on schedule for a release date sometime in August.

Following adventures on the beach (regular or nude), the player will then have the opportunity to take a small voyage into the ocean with Miranda. Should she be sufficiently romanced, this can include some naked underwater diving and watching the sunset with a kiss.

Here’s some previews…

boat5  boat35 boat39


I particularly like the last shot where’s she’s naked. It took a while to get the lighting just right.

July 24th Update

Today, I want to go through a few details of what’s different about the narrative format for Miranda.

First, this will actually be a more linear game than, say, Maddison. This doesn’t mean there won’t be options along the way which can result in a choice of locations, it’s just that there’ll be the occasional choice between two different routes rather than complete freedom.

The normal format of picking uptown, downtown, then one of three different stores or businesses is still one I like, but I think that this way more of a story develops. Doing it this way also means that you can visit nearly all the locations available in one play through (though it probably won’t be your first attempt as some are hidden). Since the player and Miranda are supposed to be spending the whole day together, this makes more sense to me.

Also, this doesn’t mean that there will be less locations than normal. Expect roughly as many locations as Maddison or Rachel Part 3.

Part of the reason for doing it this way is also just to try something different. I’m getting a little tired of the regular format, and I’m quite enthusiastic about doing it this way.

The second thing I want to detail is the ending. There will be only one ending in this game, and it should be fairly long and detailed (like Rachel Part 3), but the new aspect will be epilogues. There will be four different epilogues which take place the day following the one you spend with Miranda. Which one you end up playing through will depend on Mirandas final influence and lust ratings, as well as some choices you make on the first day. Three will include sex of some sort, and one will just be a conversation.

For example, one epilogue will include the threesome with Miranda and Faye. Both women have to like you enough for this option to appear. This makes a bit more sense to me compared to Maddison, where the threesomes occur before having sex with Maddison alone. Having a threesome after this seems like a more natural progression to me.

Preview images this week are all from the nude beach, which makes a return to the game series after being last seen in Zoe. It’s also a good example of a location that you’ll have to ‘unlock’ with certain decisions during the game.

nbeach6 nbeach8  nbeach14

July 17th Update

This week it’s time to introduce Miranda’s friend, Faye. She works at the hotel, mainly at the pool bar.

Some of you may remember her as another secondary character from Zoe’s game where she was serving drinks.

Unsurprisingly, should you make the right choices throughout the game, it is very possible to enter some naughty scenarios with both with Faye and Miranda.

The game now has over 300 images. This week I finished the main ending. Similarly to the ones in Maddison and Rachel Part 3, I tried to make this one long and detailed (though I think it’s a little bit shorter than either of those). Altogether, the ending has 164 images.

hotel3 hotel15 hotel24

July 10th Update

Today, I’d like to introduce to you something a little different that we’ll be seeing in Miranda’s game.

I was a little concerned with Photographer Part 2 that a few of the characters personalities seemed to merge into one. Melyssa was hot, but I don’t I don’t feel like there was too much personality-wise that made her different to Nikki.

One way I’m trying to correct that for Miranda is by introducing traits that you must discover. Miranda has four different aspects of herself which you can find by selecting correct responses in dialog, or by completing certain activities in certain ways. They will include things like her personal interests and hobbies. If you ever want to reach the ending, you will have to discover all four during your time together.

Visually speaking, they will always appear in the bottom left of the game window (where the players ‘inventory’ normally is), so that you can keep track of them.

This weeks preview images are from the first location yourself and Miranda will visit together – a local volleyball match. Expect lots of opportunities for the above mentioned traits to be discovered there as you get to know each other.

vball21 vball22

July 3rd Update

This week it’s finally time to get back to highlighting my upcoming game Miranda.

For those of you who don’t know, Miranda is a game I started last year, but stopped working on due to a lack of ideas and enthusiasm (I ended up making Photographer Part 2 instead). She’s back into my life now, and I have a notepad file filled with new ideas I’ve been adding since Christmas.

To recap where I’m up to, Miranda is a new date game based in the same vacation location as Zoe’s game was. Miranda was also briefly featured in the game as the woman in charge of renting out the boats if you wanted to hire one. Despite her small part in the game, she was quite popular, and I got numerous emails asking for her own game. I also liked her myself, so I began work.

In the last few weeks, I’ve begun working on her again. The game currently has about 200 images, which is a good start. Hopefully, there will be around 700 to 1000 by the time I’m done. I don’t have much ‘real life work’ to do over the next month, so I’m fairly optimistic about her release date being in August. I really want her to be released in a summer month, as it makes the most sense considering the location.

Next week, I’ll be adding more details and explaining more specifics of the game, followed by similar posts every week.

motel2 motel24


On a final note, Tara Part 2 has now been updated with a few bug fixes. If you’re a member, you should be able to download it now. For non members interested in the game, there is also now a free playable demo : http://www.vdg-offsite.com/tarap2.html