December 18th Update

Hi everyone

Today I am very happy to announce that the final version of Leanna : Breaking the Facade has now been released.

You can find it on the page for the game here. If you’ve visited the page recently, remember to refresh to get the new version. If you’re playing online, I recommend clearing your browsers cache to make sure the new game files load.

The updates for this game include :

  • 227 images added
  • The ability to play as a female
  • Expansion to the studio sex scene, including a new animation.
  • Small expansions to the streak and home sex ending
  • Some dialog fixes. If you pick stripper as your occupation, the strip club bouncer will now recognize you and make a comment.
  • Gallery section added to the game where I showcase some of the WIP images


Just let me know if you encounter and issues with this version and I’ll fix them as soon as I can.

EDIT : Also, due to the time spent on this I’m not sure I’ll have time to do the planned mini story for the end of the advent calendar. We’ll see though. Maybe I’ll find the time somewhere.

December 14th Update

Just a small update today so that no one gets too worried about what’s happening with Leanna.

While the polls showed that most are not too bothered about the female gender option, those that are seem to be enthusiastic about it and that’s a factor I have to consider.

So, what I’ve decided to do is keep the female white gender. Since I really want to be truly done with Leanna, I will however be cutting down the female sex scenes a little (since that’s all that remains to do). There will be animations, but less than with the male gender (only 6 in total), and there will be no third person angles. Some unnecessary frames will be removed from the sex scenes so that I can get through the rendering quicker.

I am also just going to scrap the ethnicity options. People like then, but seem less bothered about them being there. If I keep them in now, it also sets a precedent which may be annoying – if I have them in Leanna, I’ll feel compelled to have them in all future IRAY games too. Since I’ve rendered so many of them though, I think I’ll still release all black male images in a zip sometime next week for everyone to see.

I’ve already been able to render all of the female player character still images with this plan. I’m currently rendering the animations. Hopefully, the final version of Leanna will be available on Monday.


December 11th Update

Just a small mid-week update today.


Thank you to everyone who has reported bugs in Bridgette part 1.

dsp3000 has sent me the correction files and I’ve uploaded them. All reported errors should now be corrected. I recommend downloading the new 1.1 version if possible. If playing online, remember to refresh (I’d actually recommend emptying your browsers cache just to make sure it doesn’t get confused with the old version).

And a quick poll from chaotic…

I don’t want to draw too much attention away from dsp3000’s release, but obviously, I’m still working on getting a final version of Leanna released.

The render times on the animations are taking a massive amount of time. I’m still only just about to finish all of the renders for the alternative male player ethnicity. Although all of the female player options for the non sex scenes are all done, I still haven’t rendered a single image for the girl on girl sex scenes.

I could just finish the game and release later this week with the two male player character options, plus a few expanded scenes from the version you know. I could then actually start on my next game.

Or, I could persevere and add the female player character options. This means that the full version of Leanna will not be released for a while longer, maybe even until February. If I did that, I also wouldn’t be able to start a new game rendered in IRAY until then.

So, how does everyone feel about the 2 options.

Rate Naria

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This isn’t one of those definitive polls where I’m certain to go with the top answer, just one to get a feel for where people’s minds are at. I’m also open to third options if anyone wants to suggest them.

EDIT : Secondary poll too

Thinking in terms of the future, if I do a follow up game with the same player character, I’ll have to do all of the extra genders and ethnicities every time then too. So, here’s one more question to follow up.

Remember, if I have to spend less time doing the gender and ethnicity options, it means I can produce more games per year.

Rate Nelena

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Rate Nikki

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December 8th Update

From dsp3000…

According to the poll it appears that majority of you have requested that I go ahead and release my latest game in four stages. I’m happy to be able to release the first stage today.

To clarify; this is the first stage. I intend to release the next stage four weeks from now, and the next four weeks after that. So a few months from now all stages will be released. I’ve constructed the game in such a way that you will be able to download each part as it is released and add it to your previous downloads as an expansion to your game. Eventually you will be able to play the full 3000-4000 image game pretty much seamlessly from beginning to end.

One of the benefits of having stages is that it offers ‘save’ points during the game. This means while you will be able to play the whole game in one sitting, and you will also be able to play it in smaller stages and see how different combinations effect each part.

For now though you have stage one to get to play with.

“The Academy : A Date with Bridgette” starts at the end of part four of the Academy series. Part four was Thursday, and your date with Bridgette takes place on Thursday evening.

The first stage has 848 images and has mulitiple paths to explore.

One hint though, you will need Bridgette’s phone number to play this game. Gaining Bridgette’s number was one of the achievements you could get at the end of ‘The Academy : Part Four”. Can I also please ask that any spoilers are kept out of the blog discussion.

I hope that you enjoy the game.


A date with Bridgette part 1 has been released. You should be able to see it’s listing on the main games page. In the members section, I’ve had a bit of a reorganization and changed it so that the games page is the first page when you log in. I’m in the process of redesigning the members section to make it easier to update.

As always, if you can’t see anything, remember to refresh.

December 2nd Update


To begin with, some words from dsp3000 as he considers how to approach his next game…

‘Having read many of the blog comments I remain open minded as to how and when my next game should be released.

It’s worth noting that each stage/part will comprise around 800-1000 images with multiple achievements including sex at each stage. Each part will be about the same size as a reasonably large Vdategames release. You will need to explore and complete each stage before you can move onto the next.

There are different successful and unsuccessful endings to each stage and these outcomes will effect what you can do during the next stage.

Basically there will be multiple paths to discover and follow during your evening with Bridgette. There will also be things to do with a few other girls too.’

In addition to this, he has requested I add a poll to try and break down where the mood really is for his next game.

Rate Molly

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And some words from me…

Advent calendar

For the 6th year running, I’m happy to say I’m doing the advent calendar again.

You can view the updates by clicking the advent image in the site’s front page. If you can’t see it yet, remember to refresh.


So, yeah. It’s December now and the final version of Leanna still hasn’t been released. It’s pretty much all down to rendering time. I’ve done 437 new images for the game so far, and I’ve still got all of the FPC sex stuff to go. I’m expecting at least 700 images in total before I’m done.

At this stage, all I can say is that It’ll be done when it’s done. Hopefully, I can release it before Christmas, but don’t be too shocked if it’s the new year because it’s turning into a big pile of work.

Needless to say, the time consuming nature of IRAY may be pushing Molly a little further back. I’m looking again at just doing the next game using Poser to save time.