October 31st – Happy Halloween!

So, every year I have a plan to do some special Halloween themed pics….but it never happens.

I get caught up in something else, I’m busy, I’m working,- there’s always something.

Not this year though! I finally did it. For your enjoyment, here’s a series of spooky, scary and sexy images featuring some of my characters.


Couldn’t really think of a good spooky poll, but here’s one with monsters (it’s close enough).

Monster porn – a category of erotic cgi usually involving some sort of monster, frequently with very large genitals having sex with a human female.

Does this do anything for you?

It’s not my normal thing, but I’ll confess that I’m sometimes in the mood for it. 🙂

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Enjoy your Halloween!

EDIT : Just for everyone who seems to be focusing on the poll – It’s not something I’m truly considering for the site. I just thought it would be a fun Halloween connected question to have. The main thing to take away from this post is the sexy images higher up. 🙂

October 27th Update

Nothing too big and new to announce this week.

My future games

More images have been rendered for the final version of Leanna.

I’ve had a longer think about what my next pair of games could be. I still seem to be set on the extra, medium sized Leanna game for the next members section.

For the next free game, I do seem to be fully invested in the Nascar set game now. I have a nice pile of scenes planned, I even know how the ending would go.

Sadly, I’m still not too sure who the main focus of the plot should be. On Monday, I had a mid week blog post with a poll asking everyone if they’d prefer it to be Molly or Mariana. Ultimately, there wasn’t a definitive answer. Although Mariana just edged out in front, it was pretty much a third of the vote for each of them, and a third voting for ‘either/I can’t decide’.

I’ll just have to keep deciding in my head for now. One possibility I considered was maybe having both. Have the game split into two possible paths. Molly can be the undercover cop you team up with, and Mariana can actually be the villain who you can side with at an early point in the game (though you would be able to turn her good by the end). I’m not certain though. As I say, I’ll have to think.

One thing I do seem to have decided on is to keep the player characters separate. I have been suggesting that this game could be a direct sequel to Leanna – you’re playing as the same character, now working with Leanna and being sent to investigate a story. I think in the long term I’d just be writing myself into a corner though. I mean, is it going to be that way for every IRAY game? Having it be the same character every time seems restrictive.

Finding Miranda

Tlaero and Mortzes third game, Finding Miranda is now available to play on the site for free. This is probably a game most of you already know, but if it’s new to you, click here.


Since many of you will not have noticed the poll from Monday, I’m just going to try carrying it over to today.

Who would you prefer as the main focus of my next free game : Mariana or Molly?

Images in case you’ve forgotten which is which…



More images in this blog post if you missed them.

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If you also have a specific comment on either model, I’d also like to hear it below. If it’s a case of ‘I’d love her if only her [blank] was bigger/smaller/longer/shorter etc’, then let me know. It may be something I change. Polls are fun, but people making specific comments about something is even more useful. 🙂

October 23rd Update

Surprise! Time for another mid week update!

Next Members game

So, the main reason I’m posting today is that new information has come to light. I’m probably not going to have as much time to work on a new game for the rest of the year as I’d like. It’s due to my ‘other work life’, but it’s in a good way where lots of new opportunities will be opening up for me. Might also mean I get to have more free time next year, so more time with the site and making games.

I still want to do a new members game though, and still release it around the end of January as I normally do. I therefore need something simpler to do, but also something that’s substantial enough to be worthy of a new members game.

I’m therefore very, very heavily leaning towards the Leanna game I mentioned in the last post. In case you missed it, the game was an epilogue to the main game and mainly centered around a large scale dare game where Leanna would have to get from point a to point b across the site, completely nude, and in broad daylight.

It ticks all of the boxes for what I need from this game :

  • I already have the characters designed.
  • I have many of the sets ready to use. Others are easy to get.
  • Since we already know the character and are in a sexual relationship with her, I don’t need to spend lots of time introducing and getting to know her etc.
  • I’m enthusiastic about it because it appeals to my exhibitionism fetish

Next free game

So, what of Molly, Mariana and the Nascar game?

Judging by comments, Some of you seem to prefer Molly, and some of you prefer Mariana. I’m still open to the idea of Mariana being the main focus (I will find an excuse to use those hacienda models somewhere dammit!).

So, as a poll which would you prefer be the main focus of the game?

Here’s a little reminder of what they both look like before you vote.

Mariana :


And one with them both…

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Other stuff

Another 20 or so images have been rendered for the ‘complete’ version of Leanna.

Also, for those of you still wanting the Maddison and Lisette scene you may be satisfied before the end of the year (*cough*advent calendar*cough*).

October 20th Update

Good news, everyone! I think I’ve finally decided what I’m doing next game-wise. Well,l one of them anyway.

Next free game

It’s looking like the next free game will be a large one based around the Nascar premise.

I think what was bugging me was the main character. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I have a bunch of Spanish hacienda style scenes and was looking for a reason to use them. This is why I leaned towards the main character being Hispanic.

She has a name now : Mariana. The problem with the character is that I just don’t think she looks the part though. There’s something a little stylized about her skin textures that I haven’t been able to change. I’m not fully sure what it is. Is she a little cartoony? Does she look more like a Poser character rather than an IRAY?

I was working on the plot a little and really liked the idea of it being a direct sequel to Leanna. I’m going with the idea that you are now working with Leanna at the TV station, aspiring to be a journalist reporter yourself. She gets a tip off regarding the corruption at the Nascar track and sends you undercover to investigate.

The plan was to have you befriend the driver, who would also be the main object of your affections. A secondary character would be Molly, who I introduced as a police officer in Leanna. She would also be undercover here. The three of you would team up and defeat the villain and expose the corruption.

I mentioned my reservations about Mariana above, so I though, “Let’s play around with Molly and see where this goes.”

I think I’m smitten.

So, basically, I’ve decided to make the game with Molly as the main character. It actually makes a lot more sense this way too!

She can be undercover posing as a driver. You go undercover too, you meet, recognize each other, then team up.

I feel like her look even matches the role better. The slightly Tom boy style. She suits being a grease monkey. She looks great in the outfit too.

Next members game

I still want to do a members game next though. The only thing about it that I’ve truly decided on is that I want it to be a bit shorter. Not a mini game, but maybe half the size of the standard. Miranda is a good example of this.

The girl group game is a possibility, though if there’s at least 3 main women, I don’t see how it can be short.

Re-purposing Mariana is a possibility. I can’t remember if I’ve even mentioned it before on the blog, but I was considering a game with Mia at one point. The whole thing would be set in a hotel. You meet the main female at the bar, but the whole thing is based around discovering who she really is. Evidence like a gun you can discover in her room hints one thing, her diary can indicate another. She would look good as a femme fatale type. I’ll try and render her in a black dress sometime this week.

I still wouldn’t be using the hacienda sets though. Maybe do a western? That would work, and be a little different for me.

I did mention a Lisette and Maddison game in previous week, but I’m less enthusiastic now. We’ve already had one threesome with them in Lisette’s game. Would an entire game based around the technicality of them touching vaginas this time be worth it?

I also thought an add-on to Leanna might be fun. Set after the main game, it could all be about a wild day you have. Maybe one of you challenges the other to get from one point of the city to the other, but completely naked. I’ve already mentioned that lots of stuff was cut from the streak ending in the main game. It might be fun to put them all together in their own game. Just nude Leanna trying to cross the city in the middle of the day. Using the subway, sneaking across the freeway, cutting though the park with sex along the way.

I need to have a good long think.


Speaking of Leanna, the remaining renders for the ‘complete’ version of the game are well underway. Looks like there’s about 200 images to do, plus animations. Hopefully, it’ll only take a couple of weeks.

One of the issues players noted was that the homeless woman was too dark. I’ve re-rendered the images with her and made them a little brighter if you were curious.


One possibility I’ve been considering occasionally is doing an interactive erotic story, rather than the normal first person type I make.

In it, you would essentially play the role of a narrator, rather than being there. It would be a case of “After looking for a while, Jenny finds a cave.” Then you can pick ‘Jenny enters the cave’ or Jenny keeps looking’.

It would be a good way of doing the pseudo Tombraider game I made some renders of recently. It could be a good way of doing a fantasy game or superhero game too. Using the Egyptian characters and setting is also a possibility. Something I can make a little cinematic. I’d be willing to take suggestions.

It means you wouldn’t essentially be playing as character in it, but that also means I could probably produce the game much quicker, since I won’t have to do dialog choices or extra image for genders and ethnicities.

So, to summarize : It would be a game where you control the plot, rather than controlling a character in a game.

What do you think?

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October 6th Update

Today, dsp3000 returns with news on his next game…

Hello from dsp3000.

Since the release of my last game a few months ago it may seem to many that I completely disappeared off the radar. It’s pretty easy to do when you work under and anonymous online alias… Speculation about long vacations, nervous breakdowns and creative fallouts may have been rife, but the truth is that I have simply been incredibly busy in my real life.

Along with the ongoing ‘Academy’ side project, I have a very full professional and personal diary, so sometimes other things have to take priority. If I had been able to forsee just how labor intensive and time consuming creating this series has been so far, I may never have begun.  I’m thick skinned enough to take criticism, and I do really appreciate feedback. I’d also like to thank everyone on the forum for their support too. It is nice to read and cofirms that I do give a shit about my creative output.

Despite some accusations of supplying a broken and unplayable game, I was actually quite pleased that ‘The Academy: Part Four’ only had about four very minor coding flaws when it was released. About the same number of images that had gone corrupt during the file transfer over to Chaotic. As far as I could gather these minor errors were rectified pretty quickly. I should add that none of these glitches could have stopped gameplay. The game has never been broken, but it is complex and perhaps unrewarding if you don’t spend enough time exploring and experimenting.

One thing that I didn’t find time to complete was the official walkthrough. Santa did a pretty good job of finding everything in his walkthrough, but there was always some speculation regarding the Alicia elevator scene. 

The official walkthrough and character guide should now be available in the members section. It will confirm that there isn’t a coding error regarding whether or not you can successfully complete the game. The key issue is how much time you have to fit everything in. I have also sent over a couple of minor updates to the game. These concern a couple of slight dialogue changes with Megan, a spelling correction and a change to one of the checkfiles in the elevator relating to what happens if the alarm button is pushed. 

So what’s next from me? Well about three weeks ago I made a start on my next game. I’m about 300 images into the production at the moment and I’m hoping to find more time to work more intensively over the next few weeks. Then I’ll be in a position to provide more of an update.

In the meantime I’ve included a test image from my development folder.

See you all again soon.


October 2nd Update – Mid week bonus!

Back again with a mid week blog post. It’s not too common, but I do do them every so often.

Some of this, some of that…

Some of you may have seen the Lara Croft character I posted on Tumblr on Friday. I decided to go ahead and do a short comic with the character.

I think where my own preference lies in terms of my next game is that I want to do something with some sort of action sequences. No necessarily something involving guns, the driving sequences in a Nascar game would also be a good opportunity, similarity fight scenes in a superhero themed game. It would be the next step in my games evolution after I added the third person camera angles option in Leanna. In this case you’d get the occasional ‘cinematic’ sequence of ten or so images, but most of the game would still be first person.

I’ll decide for certain over the next couple of weeks, but what I’m leaning toward right now is actually a Lisette and Maddison game for the members section, then a game with action sequences for a big free game in IRAY.

This could either be the game in the Nascar setting, something with superheroes, or a pseudo Tombraider one. Or maybe something else, of course.

With the Nascar setting, I already have a basic plot set up as well as the main character. I’m not too sure what role the player would serve in it though. The character’s introduction to the world so far is a bit too similar to what happens in Leanna, and I’d like something different.

For superheroes, the player character is actually the aspect I’ve thought the most about. You’d start of fairly neutral, but throughout the game your karma reflects your decisions. You can end up as a hero, or one of the villains. Different karma levels (evil or good) would open up sex with different characters, and even the tone of the sex – being intimate with a villainous female characters would be very different to sex with one of the morally upstanding ones.

If I went the Tombraider route, obviously I’d have to change some stuff. It’s a copyrighted franchise. There’s a 3D graphics artist I admire who goes by the name Epoch (https://www.epoch-art.com/). He had a pseudo Lara Croft character he calls Clara Ravens. Something similar could work, but it would still have to be different – I don’t want to just copy him. We can obviously have exploring tombs be a part of the plot, but there’s opportunities for other things, such as high class ballroom parties, hanging around her mansion etc.

So that’s where my mind is right now. I’m enjoying playing with ‘Lara’, but I might just be getting over excited because she’s a new character I just created. I’ll see how I feel about everything in a week.


So, would you be interested in a game with ‘Lara’?

Try not to think about it in a ‘versus’ sense where you would prefer one of the other premises instead. Just, in principle, do you think she’s hot, and does the basic idea sound appealing?

Rate Lisette

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