August 31st Update

Today, I am very happy to announce that Photographer Part 3 will be released next Friday for all members. That’s Friday, September 7th!

The images are all nearly done. I’m pretty much just working on the writing now.

Including animations there’s about 3500 images right now, so it should be a good substantial update.

August 17th Update

Lots of progress also made this week, so I’m very happy right now.

  • Miranda and zoe threesome complete
  • Cherise solo sex scene done
  • For half of the images for the Lisette and Maddison threesome done

Including animations, we’re now up to 2383 images.

Over the next week, I should be able to get the Maddison and Lisette threesome finished, then there’s only the Paige and Mia solo sex scenes to do. There’s other smaller scenes to add of course, but they should be smaller and easier to do.

Best of all, I can start drinking again this evening! So, that’s pretty neat.

August 10th Update

Lots and lots of images rendered this week. I chose to focus mainly on the sex scenes and it’s paid off.

The Emma and Kimiko sex sequences are all done. I’m also hoping to have the Zoe and Miranda threesome finished by the end of the day (or maybe with a little work tomorrow morning).

August 3rd Update

I’m still progressing through the middle day of the three in game. It looks like this will be the largest part and the bulk of the game.

I’m still aiming for an August release, though of course game production isn’t 100% predictable.

This week, I think I might just skip ahead to some of the sex scenes and get them done.