October 31st Update

Although Melyssa and Nikki are the main new characters in Photographer Part 2, there will be many returning ones as well.

Lisette, Daisy and Tammy will all be possible models for your photoshoots, and will also be present at the party later if your photography skills impress them. Although Tammy started out in one of my Sci-fi games, I’ve already had her established as the guitarist in Daisy’s band, and that’ll be how she knows everyone here.

Choose the right actions at the party, and it will be possible to end up in a foursome with all three of them.

preview1 preview2 preview3

October 24th Update

Now that Tara is released, I can get back to posting previews of Photographer Part 2.

Progress is going very well. The game currently has 290 images, and three endings complete. I wanted to get all the Melyssa and Nikki stuff out of the way first, so that’s just what I’ve done.

As with the first Photographer game, the daytime will be mostly spent persuading enough models to pose for photos, and if the player is successful, getting an invite to a party in the evening. All of Melyssa and Nikki’s content from the party is now complete ; that is one ending alone with each of them, and one threesome involving both.

melp8 melp47 nikp9 party3


Next week I’ll be going into more details regarding who else will be appearing in the game.

October 10th Update

In case you missed by post last week, next Friday (17th), I will be uploading a new game to the members section. It will be the first ever ‘guest game’ for the site, made by dsp3000 rather than myself.

In Tara, “You are a professional photographer driving north for an assignment tomorrow morning. You set off a couple of hours ago and have just stopped for a break at a truck stop. There are still two hours of your journey remaining before you reach your hotel room for the night.”

During your drive, you can pick up a hitchhiker named Tara, and enjoy all the fun that comes with a hot hitchhiker who likes sex. There are multiple ways the plot can go before you reach your destination, and I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun exploring all the possibilities.


hotel14sample4 sample5 sample6 sample7


Progress on my own game, Photographer Part 2 is still good. I have over 210 images now.

It may seem like I’ve made less this week, but that’s because I’ve been making the animated GIFs. I’ll be posting more details and sample images after Tara has been released so I don’t distract you too much from dsp3000’s game.

October 3rd Update

During the summer, I posted a series of tutorials with the intention of encouraging fans of my games to
try making some themselves. Today, I am happy to annouce that someone has done just that.

The game is named Tara : The hitchhiker, and has been created by dsp3000.

It will be added to the members area on October 17th, where it will be available for all members.

There will also be a free demo for those who wish to try it out first.

It is a fairly large game at 371 images, includes many achievements to aim for, and multiple endings.

Progress on my own game, Photographer Part 2, is also going well and it currently stands at just over 170 images.

Next week, I’ll be posting samples of Tara, and giving more details of what you can find in Photographer Part 2.