April 19th Update

Been a while since I added a blog post, so I felt like adding something fun today.

A few people have mentioned the idea of doing a remaster of Maddison. I highly doubt I ever will to be honest. It would be far too much work and simply don’t have the free time these days.

But I thought it might be interesting to do a few renders just to see what it could look like. Here are 3 from the end of the game.

7 thoughts to “April 19th Update”

  1. I’ve been open that Maddison has never been my favorite character, but I can’t deny you do some super nice renders of her, especially in the more modernized format.

  2. I would like to see maddison and bridgette together in 1 game. Maybe a threesome with the both of them

  3. Maddison is your best character to be honest. Do you already have plans for history or will it be like the old one?

  4. No worries bud you’ve worked hard on the games and the site.
    Maddison is by far the best girl IMO and I really liked the connection with DSP3000 Maria to link the two together through Tara.
    Personally I would’ve liked a little more Ellie – I got a thing for blondes with glasses and she fit that cute secretary office crush look well but Betsy was a nice alternative throughout her game

  5. I appreciate all the work you’ve been putting in to still release games. I would absolutely love a remaster of Maddison. I’ve played a lot of AVN’s with girls with red hair and none of them compare to Maddison. It’s a great model and I wish more could be done with her.

  6. I really appreciate all of the hard work you’ve been putting on these soo good games and i like every single project of yours, especially the photographer series is my favourite so im just asking, will there will be a The Photographer 4 game ? Also i really like the new rendering and style on Maddison, she’s really my fav character and you’ve done so hard work to put up every single effort on her that we all appreciate it !!

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