Friday 28th Update

Miranda has now been released. If you’re a member, you can find her in the games section of the members area.

There was one bug involving the trek through the forest, but I fixed it fairly quickly. If you are one of the eager players who downloaded it in the first hour of availability, then you may want to redownload.

As I often post now, here are all the possible end cards, each showing one possible epilogue.

endcard4 endcard5 endcard6 endcard7

August 21st Update

Today, I am happy to announce that Miranda is now finished and will be released next Friday, the 28th of August. A week should be more than enough time to check through the game thoroughly and correct any bugs.

Altogether, the game has 587 images. So, not the biggest game I’ve ever made, but still pretty big.

During your date with Miranda, you will be able to;

– visit a volleyball match, then play in one yourself on the nude beach,

– meet her friend Faye, then visit a secluded island where clothing is optional

– Visit ancient ruins and take a few photographs

– Visit the beach

– Take a voyage in Mirandas boat, then experience nude underwater diving before watching the sun set

– Have lunch

– Have sex

– Discover 4 possible epilogues, which will depend on your actions.

To finish with, here a large pile of random images from the game.

beach2 boat6 boat11 end12 end37 end73 end98 epil8 epil22 epil26 epil69 epil111 motel2 motel17 nbeach10 nbeach35 ruins10 trek3 vball6


See you all next week for the launch!

August 14th Update

Three out of the four epilogues are now finished. Hopefully, that means I should easily be finished everything from the game by next Friday, which in turn means that I’m still on course for a release date of Friday the 28th (giving me a week to check for bugs).

As teased last week, for this blog post I will be showing a few images from the Miranda and Faye threesome. The epilogue will have all three of you journeying to a small, empty island on Mirandas boat. If you have sufficiently impressed Faye during your previous encounter, naughty things can ensue.

epil15 epil31 epil41 epil54


The game currently has 550 images, so will probably be around 600 by the time I’m finished. Next week I will probably be making a long post outlining all the possibilities and locations from the game.

August 7th Update

Time for a little nudity this week I think!

I know I’ve been teasing a bit over the last several weeks, never quite showing a naked Miranda¬†where you can actually see anything, but that changes now.

Here are four preview images from the main ending, where the player and Miranda finally have some intimate private time.

Work on the epilogues is going well. I’m nearly finished the threesome with Faye (hopefully I will be posting some preview pics of that next week).

Right now, I’m looking at a release date of August 28th, but the unpredictability of making these games means I can’t fully commit to the date just yet.

end12 end13 end61 end76