27th February Update

Just another quick update this week.

For those of you who haven’t noticed, there is now a version 1.3 available for download in the members section which should have all the main issues now fully solved.

There is also a patch of just the html files if you don’t want to download the entire game again. Just merge everything in the patch with ‘files’ folder of your game.


February 14th Update

All known bugs from the Photographer Part 2 have been fixed.

Redownload to get the fixed version. The new version should be named photographer2_1.1. The online version should also be fine now too.

Also, a quick point – If you have an older monitor and the game is too large for you, you can adjust the zoom in most browsers these days to make it fit on screen. In both Chrome and Firefox, the zoom should be located in the top right.

Similarly, if you have an ultra HD monitor, you can also zoom to make the images large (though you will lose some of the image quality).


February 13th Update

The photographer Part 2 has now been released and uploaded to the members section. Join now to play it. A free demo can also be played if you’re undecided.

The final amount of images in the game is 1278, easily making it the largest game I’ve ever made.

As a final set of previews, I thought it would be a fun idea to post all of the ending cards showing each of the endings possible.

endcard1 endcard2 endcard3 endcard4 endcard5 endcard6 endcard7 endcard8 endcard9 endcard10 endcard11 endcard12 endcard13

February 6th Update

Photographer Part 2 is still on schedule to be released next Friday, the 13th. All the of the images are basically done now, and I will be spending the last week bug checking.

The game now has 1267 images and 13 endings for you to find.

Here are the final set of previews from the Jennifer and Cassandra endings.

cass11 cass19 jenn7 jenn22