June 30th Update

Quick recap for those of you who don’t read the blog with every update.

I’ve been slowly winding down my activity of the site for a couple of years now, with the intention of retiring fully from making these games at some point. I’d still like to do something substantial this year though, so here’s the ideas and options:

Maddison Remastered

I’ve been thinking about remasters of my older games recently. I don’t think anything rendered in IRAY (that’s anything after Leanna) needs a remaster, but older ones are a good option. Not counting the Photographer series, Maddison was always my most popular game from that era, so how about remastering her game?

The catch with this is that I wouldn’t be able to remaster the threesomes since Rachel and Kelly don’t have updated models. I can still have threesomes, but with different characters.

I’ve done some test renders reusing sets from Crystal Part 3. Note that the outfits here are just basic examples, and I would use better ones in the real game.

Epilogues 3

A really obvious options would be concluding my epilogues trilogy. The problem with this is that, people have quite liked the epilogues so far, but I don’t know if there’s a lot of enthusiasm for them.

Or am I wrong? Would anyone love to see another epilogues?


A follow up/ending to Betsy’s story arc is another option. I never felt Betsy was a super popular character though. Plus I still need a lot of building and rebuilding of Betsy, April and Cassandra’s models to do the game right.

Photographer part 4

The photographer series has always been my most popular creation. I don’t like the idea of main characters being used in a new one since most are established as being in a relationship now, but a selection of more ‘secondary’ women could work well.

Such as :

  • Kristen
  • Debbie
  • Two women from Leanna’s yoga class
  • Erica

Let me know any of your thoughts below. Feel free to add your own suggestions, but please no full pitches for game ideas you’ve had. I’m looking for stuff with established characters only.