January 31st Update

Just a few smaller things this week.

First of all, the walkthough for Crystal Part 3 is now online in the walkthoughs section. Click here to view it.

Due to the very open style of this game, it’s impossible to do a traditional walkthrough, but hopefully this guide will be enough to help anyone who is stuck.

Second, there is a small update to the game. I’ve fixed a couple of game errors, plus re-rendered 10 images. There was a weird issue making this game where the shader for Crystal’s hair was on the wrong mode, making it super reflective and a bit like she has a bald spot. I corrected this in a bunch of images before the main release, but there was some I missed.

If you don’t want to download the full game, there is a patch on the game’s page instead.

EDIT : I will be doing the next blog post on Monday as I’m tired and unwell today. (stomach virus, I think – no, not that one).

January 24th Update

Crystal Part 3 in now available for all members. As always, if you don’t see it listed yet, remember to refresh.

The final image count is 1045, with 5 sex scenes in total, including one threesome.

This is the most open game I’ve made in a while, with a very freedom driven main mid-section. Eight different locations to visit around the hotel, and you can try each of them in any order. Choosing good orders to do them in can make the game much easier.

There is an easy difficulty setting if you get stuck.

Not much else to add, so enjoy!

January 17th Update

So, obviously Crystal Part 3 is not being released, but I’m pretty optimistic about everything being ready for next Friday, the 24th.

I have 3 animations and 15 images left to render. I’ve also done about 90% of the html work.

Assuming that I have no major computer crashes, I should be able to get everything rendered by the end of Tuesday, and that’ll give me a few days to thoroughly bug test.

Back to the remaining html work for me right now, so here’s some more random renders.

January 10th Update

Just a standard post this week as I near the end of production on Crystal Part 3.

It is theoretically possible that it’ll be finished for next Friday, but unlikely. It’s must more plausible that release will be the following week.

I currency have 49 images left to render, and 6 animations. Each image takes 30-60 minutes to render, and each animation is around 30 images.

I’ll leave you with a random selection of images I don’t think I’ve posted yet.

January 3rd Update

Welcome to 2020 everyone.

My graphics cards have been working hard over the holiday season, and I manged to get a very satisfying number of images rendered.

I think I’m about 65% of the way through rendering the animations. Once they’re done, everything becomes a hell of a lot easier.

So, today, lets see if I can find some new images and locations I haven’t posted yet.