April 19th Update

So, last week I posted up a series of Frazetta inspired fantasy images, and unsurprisingly it has got me thinking a little about how I could do a full fantasy set game.

There’s lots of possibilities.

I have done fantasy games before, but neither were that popular. I think the problem was that I just did the basic date stuff you could find in any other game here. If I did do this, I would have to really think about the gameplay and narrative. Rather than something focused primarily on one woman, I like the idea of there being many conquests at different points of the story.

The first Witcher game is a good example of this. If you’ve only played the 2nd or 3rd ones, you’re probably used to seeing the romance focused on Triss or Yennifer. In the 1st game though, Triss and Shani were around and slightly emphasized as the two main options, but there were many, many others. I think there’s about 12 secondary characters that Geralt can also sleep with. It even seems to be encouraged too. Each sex scene displays a sort of collectible card with your aim being to collect the whole ‘set’. I like the idea of designing a large set of women for a game like this.

One problem with this could be the perspective. I normally do games in first person, but I don’t feel like this would work very well if I’m aiming for an epic fantasy game. What I’m really liking the idea of is having it being (mainly) third person, but have the players face disguised the whole time. That way you still get to have the feeling that it’s you in game, rather than some preset character.

Here’s an example of how it could work.

Neither of these outfits are definitely what I would go with, just a showcase example.

If I was to do this though, I would only feel right making it big and epic. My currently aim is to do a medium sized game for the summer.

So option 1 is maybe to just work on this as a background game while I’m doing that, then release it at the end of the year. Option 2 is maybe to release it in several chapters. I’ll have to think about what’s more practical in the long run.

So, 2 polls today. First to gauge the enthusiasm for a fantasy game, and the second to gauge everyone’s reaction to a masked third person player character.

Finally, here’s a reminder of last weeks images just on case you didn’t see them.

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April 13th Update

Fun week number one!

Over my now many years making erotic art, I have found myself investigating others and their inspirations. If there’s one name that turns up time and again, it’s Frank Frazetta. When it comes to erotic fantasy art, he’s the yardstick that many still hold themselves against.

If you don’t think you know him, you probably still do. From the 60s to the millennium, he was famous for fantasy book cover illustrations, comics and paintings. Basically, have you ever seen a fantasy painting with a curvy, slightly muscular and scantily dressed woman wielding a spear of something similar? That’s Frazetti.

Here’s some examples :

If you want to see more images, this is quite a good link : http://frankfrazetta.org/

So, as a homage to the late, great Frank Frazetta. I thought I’d try creating a few images in something close to his style.