May 27th Update

Now that The Academy Part 4 is released, it’s time for me to return to updates on my own projects.

If you still want to discuss Academy 4, I’d advise doing it here as that’s where most of the questions have already been asked.

First of all

Obviously, I’m still working on Leanna, but before I build up too much excitement over it, I need to say that I’m taking a break from it for a month.

Setting up the images this week has been a bit of a chore. I’m still enthusiastic about it, but there’s only so many consecutive days you can create images before the repetition gets to you. Right now, I’m only creating 4 or 5 images per day, but if I take a break, It’ll jump back up to 30 to 50. It may seem like this will push back the release date, but honestly, it’ll make production much quicker in the long run.

Normally, I take a month long break after I release a game, but since I was already working on Leanna when I released April & Violet, I haven’t been able to have one this year. Members have just had a game, and free players got Photographer Part 2 recently, so this seems like a good time for this.

This would probably mean Leanna’s release date is around late July or August, which is actually pretty normal for me (I’m normally doing 2 game per year and releasing them around those times).


I’ve still got lots to talk about with Leanna, and plenty of images to show, so I’ll continue making some blog posts about the game over the next month though.

I will say that the game now has 894 images, which is pretty damn good.

For now, here’s some of the images I’ve been posting to tumblr for those who may not have seen them.

So, what am I doing?

Well, I have other non VDG related things in my life to take care of. This month long break will end with a 5 night vacation for me for instance.

Also, I will be doing some Leanna stuff. Yeah, the idea is to take a break, but there’ll undoubtedly be the occasional afternoon where I’m just really in the mood for it, and I’ll get another pile of IRAY images sorted.

Apart from that, I’ll be experimenting with some new characters and sets. I’ve bought an asset pack full of Egyptian characters and environments, so I’ll be rendering some images for fun with them. It may evolve into a short story. I might also do short story about something else, similar to Betsy’s Christmas from the advent calendar last year.

That’s all for this week. See you on Friday when the blog posts will return to their usual day.

May 19th Update

Academy Part 4

Today I am happy to announce that The Academy – Part 4 has been released and is now available in the members section.

Here’s some final words from dsp3000 on the matter….

After 3 months hard work I am very happy to announce the release of part four of my Academy series. Naturally this follows on from the first three installments and continues the complex and engaging story.

As before, you will need a code from the end of part three to play this game. Different codes will unlock different scenes and options in part four. I have noticed on the blog that the basic logic of the code structure has been sort of figured out, in so much as people have attempted to work out what each letter or number represents in terms of achievements from part three. I will warn you though; customised codes won’t necessarily work, especially those that defy what you could actually achieve in part three. For example, you could not have sex with both Annie and Amy in part three, so you cannot use a code which suggests that you have. I’ve built the code checks so you can’t.

Anyway, enough about codes, except to say that it would be a good idea to have one written down before you start playing part four. You will see why.

This episode has once again pushed the image count up to become my largest game yet. There are 1824 images in the game, 142 of which are animated. There are also a further 191 supporting images. As mentioned in previous blog posts, this game is quite complex and has several achievements to find. It will become apparent what your main objectives are, and which ‘missions’ you need to piece together to get where you need to be. I won’t give away any spoilers and I urge you not to either. Hopefully you will find out a few more secrets and surprises from The Academy and it’s characters.

There are four main sex scenes to discover and also plenty of flirting, kissing, touching and nudity with many of the characters in this episode. I think there are about 15 different endings, but these aren’t always the same depending on what else you achieved while getting there.

Good luck and enjoy playing!


EDIT : Oh, and, as always, if you can’t see it, remember to refresh the pages!

And some quick words from me…

Some of you may have noticed that the new page showing Academy 4 is a bit more basic that what I usually post. It’s nothing to worry about, I’ve just decided that I’m going to redesign the members section sometime so that it’s easier to update. This shouldn’t interfere with the game at any point. At the most some of the pages of the members section might be offline for a minute next week, but if you’re in the middle of the playing any game online, you won’t be interrupted.

May 12th Update

Good day to you all. Just a blog update from me (Chaotic) this week.

Academy Part 4

So, yes, sadly, Academy Part 4 is not being released today.

Dsp3000 has persevered as much as he can, and I’m happy to say that he has finished producing all of the game’s content. That means all of the images are complete.

However, since this game is the most complex he’s done to date, he needs just a little more time to thoroughly test everything and make sure that the finished game is of a high standard. Despite his initial worry that upcoming commitments would mean he wouldn’t be able to work on the game over the next two weeks, fixing the remaining issues won’t be that time consuming, and he believes he can get everything finalized in a few days next week.

So, that means that, barring acts of God, Academy Part 4 should be released next Friday, May 19th.


A few notes on my own game as well.

Leanna is going very well. Since changing my rendering technique, the number of images has rocketed up to 575. Currently, I’m rendering images for the first sex scene, which is great to finally get around to doing.

Currently, there are four sex scenes, so I still have a little while to go. But they’re one of the quicker things to make images of, since there’s just 2 people in one location (well, 3 for the threesome), so expect the image count to go up fast this week.

May 5th Update

Today, news from dsp3000 on Academy Part 4…

I’m in the very final stages of production now for ‘The Academy : Part Four’ and in terms of a release date, it will play out one of two ways.

It all hinges upon how much I can do this weekend. The plan is to switch off my phone, close the blinds and put in a full weekend working without any distractions whatsoever. That way I may just get everything finished and be able to release the game next Friday 12th May. This is of course my preferred option, especially since I will be going away for a few days at the end of next week.

This sets up the other possibility. If I don’t finish the game for next Friday, then unfortunately a few other commitments mean that I won’t realistically be able to finish it for release until two weeks later.

So we are looking at a release date of either May 12th or May 26th.

All said, progress has be pretty good since my last update. A few too many distractions from my proper job and life in general have slowed things down a little. But with just two more full scenes to complete and with the image count at 1651, I am very nearly there.

Following the precedent set by from my previous episodes, this will probably be my largest game yet. It could be close though, I reckon it’ll end up around 1800 images in total. Plot wise this episode is also rather complex with many variables carrying over from part three. I’m sure that you will enjoy playing it and finding everything.

Anyway… Here are a few more teaser images.


May 1st Update

No news from dsp3000 yet on his progress with Academy Part 4. Hopefully all is fine and we’ll here from him soon. As soon as I get any news, I’ll post it.

In the meantime, I just want to give you all a quick update on my progress with Leanna.

In my last blog post, I wrote that I had resigned myself to redoing all of the images in Poser with V4 models instead of Genesis 3 and IRAY. Well, I’m happy to say that this crisis may have been averted.

At about 4am on Friday (yeah, I had a poor night’s sleep), my brain started wandering onto new possibilities. You see, it doesn’t take that long to render images with just the characters. The promo shots you’ve seen me post from time to time where it’s just Leanna or whomever standing in front of light grey or white background only take about 2 minutes to render. It’s the environments that can take forever.

So, I started thinking, how can I get rid of the environments, at least in terms in render times. Back when I started making these games, I didn’t make the environments myself. I used screenshots from games like Hitman or GTA, then rendered the characters on top of them. I won’t go into all of the details, but I’ve tried doing this and where it can be done, it’s working really well. I do one render of the environment with IRAY, then just use it as a background image with Leanna rendered on top.

For images where I can’t really do this, I’ve also tried just replacing all of the shaders with much more basic versions, and this is also working rally well. It’ll mean that for the locations you’ll see slightly less detailed bricks, or wood, but you’re all here for the women, not the architecture, so that’s fine.

Over the weekend, I’ve persevered and rendered an extra 30 images, which considering it was the weekend with no full work days, is really good.

So, in summary, it looks like I will be able to deliver Leanna in full IRAY format after all.

Here’s a few examples of my weekend’s work.

An extra note on the redhead on the last image too.

I noticed it’s been a while since I had a redhead as the focus of one of may games. The last time I rendered one was Faye in Miranda, and the last time a redhead was the main character was Maddison. So, I decided to introduce a secondary character in this game, but one I’d spend some time designing too.

So, everyone, meet Ashley. You won’t see her naked in this game, but I like the idea of her being the main focus of one in the future.

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