March 23rd Update – The next free game

Today, I am happy to announce that the next free game will be…Maddison!

I will be transferring it from the members section to the free section next Monday, March 30th where everyone can play it.

It will also be the full game of Maddison, aka the “Final cut” version which includes all the extra scenarios such a threesome with Crystal.


March 13th update – Experiments with Unity

A couple of months ago I made a blog post describing my interest in doing a 3D date game with Unity. While I’m still not 100% convinced I’ll actually finish making one, I have still continued to experiment with what I can do.

Adapting the various locations from the 2D version for use with Unity has (surprisingly) not been that difficult.

I’ve also been lucky in that many of the main locations I use are ones which come with an ‘extended licence’, which means I’m allowed to use them in a 3D game. The main obvious scene which doesn’t is the players apartment, which means the player would need a new home. I finally decided on a mini mansion model, then combined it with two others to create a pool and suburban surrounding.

vdgunity1 vdgunity2 vdgunity3

This is easily my favorite location so far. The lighting and the shadows in particular really make it come alive. As you can see however, it still isn’t quite finished. The house needs more windows, and I’m not keen on all of the textures. Just from these three images though, you can probably get a good impression of how it would look.

One thing I’ve been very aware of when considering a unity game is the gameplay. Yes, the idea of a full 3D environment sounds appealing, but the whole thing would be rather pointless if the gameplay is exactly the same as the 2D version. With this in mind, one thing I’m set on doing is having a decent sized city hub the player can freely explore.

vdgunity4 vdgunity5 vdgunity6

I still don’t have a full list of things for the player to do in the city, but certain location will be accessible from it, such as stores, the pool, and the the strip club.

I’m sure many of you have enjoyed visiting strip clubs in mainstream games such as grand theft auto, and I’m sure many of you will also have been disappointed in the lack of nudity there. For once, you could have a strip club where the ladies showed everything.

Despite these ( and a few other) scenes looking as they are, I’m still a long way away from a game however. At minimum, I would still need to make menus and a dialog engine before I even started making the game content.

Finally, I’m also finding it frustrating finding women I’m allowed to use in unity. As I mentioned earlier, there are some models I’m allowed to use in unity, and some I’m not. Most of my ladies aren’t permitted.

So far, only Maddison, Jennifer, Rachel and Daisy (after I remade her. She has different tattoos now) are clear for use. Lisette could be too, but I would have to give her a new hairstyle.

So, at this point VDGunity is still very much an experiment, but it’s still edging closer to reality.