May 29th update

Tara Part 2 : The Hotel has now been released and can be found in the members section.

Here are some final words from dsp3000 in his game…

I’m very pleased to say that the sequel to my first game is finally finished and ready for release. It’s taken a few thousand hours and a couple of computer upgrades to get it all done. Plenty of learning on the way and several thousand files and images made.

The completed game has 1456 images plus another 32 for the endcard images, so let’s call it a cool 1500. I should also add that 304 of them are animated. I’ve got pretty good at animating cumshots over the past few months…

As previously suggested, the game has 32 endings to find and six main end sequences. These are pretty extensive and have multiple options and outcomes built into them. Hopefully you’ll all be able to find a few things you like and a few things you really like.

I’ve included a sample of the endcard images as well an image derived from the achievements page to see what you can be aiming for.

The game will be available in the members section, so if you haven’t already signed up then I highly recommend doing so. You really will be missing out if you don’t.

Have fun playing the game and good luck finding all the endings.


endcard_sample1 endcard_sample2 endcard_sample3.1 endcard_sample3 endcard_sample4 endcard_sample5 endcard_sample6

May 18th Update

The penultimate update from dsp3000 concerning his new game, Tara Part 2…

Last time one of the preview images I released as a teaser revealed the
identity of the fifth female character in the game. As a few of you guessed, she is indeed Maddison. There is a very valid reason for her inclusion within the context of the game’s narrative. More importantly than that she has more than just a cameo role. There are in fact more than one endings to
aim for which include Maddison.

Maddison has always been one of my favorite characters so I’m very grateful
that Chaotic has allowed me to include her in this game.

I’ll give a more complete run down on all the endings you can aim for in my
final blog update for this game next week.

tara_sample23 tara_sample25 tara_sample26 tara_sample24

May 11th Update

More from dsp3000 on his upcoming game, Tara Part 2…


For this blog update I’m pleased to finally announce a release date for
Tara Part 2. The aim is to release the game on Friday May 29th; just over two weeks
from today.

There are still a few things to finish, but the image count is now over 1300 and
I’m really pleased with the way the game has developed. Exploring all the
possible outcomes within the game should provide several hours of fun.
I’ve included five more sample images from the game which should hint at a few
of the possible scenarios to discover. The last image will also give you a clue as
to the identity of the fifth female character in the game.

More on that, plus another surprise next week…


tara_sample17 tara_sample18 tara_sample19 tara_sample20 tara_sample21

May 4th Update

The next batch of information from dsp3000 concerning his next game, Tara Part 2.

This week I’d like to introduce another character and another location
from the forthcoming game.

Zayna works the hotel bar and is the fourth of five female characters you can
interact with. After her shift finishes she likes nothing more than stripping off and relaxing in
the hotel steam room.

If she lets you go with her you can find out just how steamy things can get…

tara_sample14 tara_sample15 tara_sample16