July 28th Update

Jumping ahead to the second half of the game now. These images are from when you meet up with Betsy, April and Violet all together.

And to match Betsy’s outfit in this scene, here’s the title card I’ll be using.

And now it’s time for a little break in production. As I said back in the July 7th update, I only had the initial 3 weeks before I had other commitments.

There will be some sort of update (or updates) to the blog during August, but I don’t know how substantial they’ll be.

About a third of the images required for the game are built now, so I’m pretty confident saying it’ll be released this year, I’m just not certain when yet.

See you in the next blog update!

July 14th Update

Progress with Betsy is now firmly underway.

Here’s two renders from early in the game.

Meeting Betsy at the zoo :

Violet explaining her ideas to April :

More next week!

EDIT : No post this Friday as I haven’t had time to render yet. Will post on Monday instead.

July 7th update

So, after I asked everyone last week what their preference was for my next (and potentially last) game, the answers made it pretty clear : most people want a Betsy finale.

So this week I dug out and reassembled my work on the updated Betsy model. I was able to fix the hair issues I was having, and the weird lip texture that was making her look weird.

This is what I’ve got. I feel happy with it.

I’ll have a bunch of spare time over the next 3 weeks, so I’ll get to work making as many images as I can. I doubt I’ll finish it in that time, so I’m expecting something like a month long break afterwards, then a final couple of week to finish it up. That means a release of either late August or September, but it could also be later in the year. Christmas release at the latest.

I still like the idea of doing an Epilogues 3 some time too (Rachel and Sukiko are obvious choices), so maybe I’ll finish with that in the new year.

For the next few weeks they’re be previews and blog posts each Friday, so I’ll see you all then!