June 30th Update

Hi everyone. Since my little vacation is over, it’s time to get back to building Leanna : Fading the Facade¬†full time (or as much as I can).


Let’s begin with a summary of where I am progress-wise. Here’s the plan :

  • Seq 1 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 2 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 3 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 4 (medium) : 0% complete
  • Seq 5 (large) : 20% complete
  • Seq 6 (small) : 0% complete
  • Seq 7 (large) : 100% complete
  • Seq 8 (medium) : 90% complete
  • Seq 9 (medium) : 5% complete
  • Seq 10 (large) : 15% complete
  • Seq 11 (small) : 0% complete

Small sequences are around 20 to 50 images each, mediums are 50 to 150, and large are 150 to 300. So, as you can see most of the large ones are complete.

There will be three endings to aspire for (well, 5 if you count the ‘fail’ endings). Each of the endings will be a different sex scene, including one threesome. Each is reached by managing to increase or decrease enough points. This is the 10th sequence and the one I’m currently working on. Here’s a couple of previews from the start of it.

There are just under 1000 images in the game right now. I’m anticipating it to be around 1500 by the time I’m finished.

Next week, there’ll be more previews and I’ll be going through the various features of the game.

Academy 4 walkthough

Haven’t heard anything from dsp3000 yet regarding his own walkthrough, however the ever diligent Santa has submitted his own concise one. You can find it in the members section under walkthroughs with the rest of them

June 23rd Update

One final week of experiments today. Next week, I’ll be back to concentrating on Leanna and I’ll begin with a thorough summary of where the game is up to, what players can expect from it, and when they can expect it.

For now though…

I had another attempt at creating a new character this week. No name yet, but I came across a series of very realistic skin textures and felt compelled to use them.

I’ve tried to go for a slightly more hippy or bohemian look for her. It isn’t really something I’ve done before, and it could be very useful.

There’s some interesting character driven scenarios or factors it opens up. Hanging out naked in the forest? Maybe she lives in a cabin on the edge of the city and your spend the whole day nude and exploring the area.

Maybe an artist too. Last time we saw Kelly she appeared to have advanced from art student to teacher, so maybe this new woman is one of students. It would be a good way to connect her to the rest of the world I’ve established.


For this weeks poll, which of the follow places would you like to see sex scenes take place in?

This isn’t necessarily for Leanna, or any specific game, I just want to get a general feel for everyone’s interests. My games are notable for rarely just sticking to bedrooms when it comes to sex, and since most of you keep coming back here, I’m guessing you like that.

Select as many of these as you like. If you have your own suggestions too, leave a comment below and I’ll add them to the poll.

Rate Kelly

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June 16th Update

Just a random mix of images and polls this week.

New character?

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of doing something with a more ‘cutesy’ character. Maybe someone with a sort of goth or Kawaii thing going down.

She’s nowhere near finished, but this is what I’ve got so far.

Leanna progress

No new images for Leanna this week, though I have been spent some time reordering the plot. I’ve found a way to merge some of the scenes together and thereby save a lot of work. The amount of sex content will be the same, but hopefully this should mean I can get through the remainder of the work quickly starting next week.

EDIT : ¬†Decided to do a little work on Leanna today, so I started on the ending. Here’s the test image for the start of the scene.


It’s been a little while since I had any polls, so let’s have one this week.

I bought a new toy for Leanna a while ago. If you’re not aware of them, this is called a torso doll, and they are very much a real thing.

Obviously, the idea is that the woman get’s on top and rides it like she would a man. Since a majority of you didn’t like the idea of a threesome involving another man, I thought this might be a good alternative. She could be riding it whilst giving you a blowjob, or vice versa. She could maybe even have multiple dolls to play with – an orgy where you’re the only guy.

What do you think? Could this be a way to have a slightly naughtier/nastier sex scene, but without any threat to male territoriality involved?

Rate Katie

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June 2nd Update

Just a small post today to show what I’ve been doing this week.

In the last update, I mentioned that I would be experimenting with some ancient Egypt assets I bought. Well, I did and here are the results…

Some of you may notice the lighter skinned woman as the female player character from Leanna. This is because I’m trying to find a use for her. Around when I discovered the faster way to render IRAY images for the game, I also decided the remove the most of the shots where you will able to see the player from a third person angle. They weren’t adding anything satisfying to the game content and just creating more work. Right now, you only have the option to switch to third person during the animations (basically, the sex). It can give you a much better, and hotter view of what’s happening.

So, as I say, showing the faces of the female player characters became pointless. I rebuilt the female pc bodies so that they are no longer the woman you see above.

I know some people were into her however, and I’d love to find a use for the model. If these images turn into a short story, that seems like a good option.