February 24th Update

Today I am proud to announce that Rachel Part 3, plus the three mini games, will be released and added to the members section next Monday, the 3rd of March.

The update will comprise of

– Rachel Part 3

– Kelly Solo

– Strippers

– Erica & Crystal

There will also be a new look members section uploaded, which will include more galleries, wallpapers and walkthroughs.

Rachel Part 3 is now nearly finished and only awaiting finishing touches. I can confirm that it with have over 700 images.

The preview I want to have for the game is to mainly showcase the other possible threesome with Lisette. After the events of Maddison’s game, she is now working at the strip club, but behind the bar now. Pick the correct responses, and she will also tell you about her other job : foxy boxing coach. The player will be able to sign up Rachel. Coach her well with Lisette, and naughty things will happen.

Hopefully next time I post here, everything will be released.

rach1 rach2 rach3 rach4 rach5 rach6 rach7 rach8


10 thoughts to “February 24th Update”

  1. Rachel looks to be shaping up to be as good as, if not better than Maddison!

    A few questions:

    1)The strippers in the minigame, are they previously seen characters, or new ones?

    2)I asked this before and sorry to ask again, but are there any plans for any future games with the side characters from the Zoe game? Namely Miranda, the boat girl and the fashion model Zoe competes against.

    1. 1) Yes, both strippers have had small parts in previous games (both at the strip club). Annabelle was in Lisette, and Roxie was in Maddison.

      2) Possibly. I would certainly like to use them.

  2. Nice dude. Can not wait to get my hands on these, been dying for some new titles in a while. The others were awesome so i expect these will be better 😛

    1. Everything should now be live. 🙂

      I’ll be making a formal announcement post later in the day.

      1. Goodie, i saw. Now if the bank would hurry up, lol i am waiting for my pay to clear so i can join. GAH, i want to play them. I will give the Demo’s a twirl whilst i wait

    1. Make sure you refresh the pages. If you visited recently, the old pages might still be in your browsers cache.

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