February 10th Update

Time to reveal some details about the third and final mini game which will be released alongside Rachel part 3.

This one will be named ‘Erica & Crystal’, and as the name suggests will focus on those two.

You will take control of Erica who, after a night of ‘experimentation’ with Crystal, wants the relationship to become more intimate. You will control her as she teaches her yoga class and dances at the nightclub in the most seductive way possible to impress Crystal. Play it right and an evening of intimacy follows.

This mini game took the longest to finish as I wanted to render the images with the highest amount of detail I could, which should make the images look even better than normal.

ec1 ec2 ec3 ec4

11 thoughts to “February 10th Update”

  1. The more you are showing, the better it is looking 🙂 it is looking good. Hope to see them soon, though do not rush, take your time.

  2. Un grand merci de la part d’un français pour votre travail superbe.

    Une petite question :
    Peut-on espérer voir un jour des versions traduites?

    Merci d’avance pour votre rĂ©ponse! 🙂

    1. Je pourrais traduire vers le français dans l’avenir, mais seulement si beaucoup de gens demander.

  3. He do not know what game gone be free. It is not gone be for 3 month so he have good time to pick one of the games later.

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