January 27th Update

From the start to the very end.

Since Maddison, I’ve gotten into the habit of making the end before the rest of the game. This way, it’s not the very last thing I have to do, which can wane my enthusiasm for it, meaning I loose my interest and cut corners to get it finished. Doing production in this order ensures that the end is nice and big.

Although there will be opportunities for sex throughout the game before the end, especially threesomes, Rachel ends with one big in depth act, which is all about the sex you both share when you get back to the apartment. There are currently over 150 images for this part so far (I’ll do the orgasms last).

I wanted to do something a little different for the foreplay in this segment, so I decided to explore something I haven’t really done before – roleplay.

Depending on your preference, Rachel will equip one of three costumes – nurse, schoolgirl or army cadet. Your challenge will be to maintain character, while still making things as sexy as you can.

end10 end48 end61

7 thoughts to “January 27th Update”

  1. The game looks great at the moment, the idea of including role play is a great addition too. How about the idea of being able to pull 2 separate women and being able to sleep with them both at a party to start the tree-some role play off.might be fun.

  2. Looking good. Loving the constant updates. Keep them coming, as it is shaping out to be a great game by the looks of it.

    Understandable you doing the end first, especially if you are working on multiple titles at the same time, it must get exhausting, well i will say this, you are doing a great job 🙂

  3. cliché as it may well be I certainly can’t wait to find out why schoolgirl Rachel is bent over like that

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