February 23rd Update

Hi Everyone

This week I’ve decided to finally post my evaluation of Leanna : Breaking the Facade. Since Betsy, When I finish a game, I write a little summary of a games strengths and weaknesses, and it helps me improve for the next one.


The positive

I think the biggest success of Leanna is probably the tone. When trying to write something more character driven, the first reaction is normally to go with more of a brooding drama. That’s never felt right for my games though. Overall, I’ve gone for a more quirky tone to my writing. Betsy and April & Violet embraced this, so I was keen to continue. I love the way that the whole game plays more as a romantic comedy, but at the same time still showcases Leanna’s personality and how it evolves.

My favorite moment has to be this :

There’s something about this specific image. It really sells the frustration and pissed tone building in Leanna. Even the way the shoulders are slightly brought forward, but lowered. the whole stance is perfect. Any image with lots of things going on in the background is always going to look good too. The “Great. Now I’m gonna be on porntube.” line really works for me too, mainly because if this happened in real life, she totally would be.

Another thing I really like about this game are the outfits. Leanna has more outfit changes than any other character I’ve had before, and it’s a great, subtle way of emphasizing how into fashion she is.

Two more scenes I also want to praise a bit are the roller disco, and the studio when you first meet her. For the disco, I really wanted to establish her as being a little sad and pathetic, but I also didn’t want to lay it on too thick. I think I got the balance just right, and you really feel sorry for her by the time you part company. For the studio, I really like the moment when you’re taking her photo and she slowly starts to cry. It was one of those moments I had in my head before I even started production, and I love how close to what I’d imagined it came.

Final positive bit are 2 more favorite images.

I don’t know what it is about this one. Maybe it’s partly the lighting, maybe it’s the pose, maybe it’s both plus some other factors, but Leanna looks crazy hot to me here.

This one has to be my favorite nude shot. The pose, the heels, the way it really shows off her body. I love it.

The negative

I think my negative focus is mainly on the content I ended up cutting. As with Betsy, there’s supposed to be 2 times you get to choose ‘date location’, with 3 options each time. With Betsy, these locations could be long an quite in-depth, but in Leanna, they could be very brief. The second choice in particular, Golf, Jogging or Tennis, are very superficial and don’t really make much of a difference to the plot. I would have liked to have more consequences to theses choices. As it is, the game feels a little more linear than I’d like.

I’m also not convinced that I placed enough emphasis on the thief early on. There was a whole sequence planned where the player and Leanna would thwart a robbery. This would have given the thief a more prominent role earlier in the plot, but it would have been complicated and there was no good place to put it.

While the Kristen threesome scene was hot, I also feel that she gets naked a little too quickly. Maybe there should have been a scene earlier in the game where you see her topless or naked first. As it is, the scene feels like I’m in a hurry to go through the checklist and cut to the sex.

Leanna : The Big Streak

So, as stated last week, I’m now working on a small game featuring Leanna for the members section.

Here is the first image from it. Expect more in the coming week.


February 15th Update

Success! I finally know where the site is going for the next 6 months (or however long it ends up being).

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented last week. A combination of that and various other personal factors means we have some results I’m happy with.

Leanna : The big Streak

So, I’ll cut to the chase. The first game I’m going to work on is the Leanna streak game. It’s simple, it’s easy(ish) and it’s not too big. It’s based on characters I already have and many scenes I’ve already set up. I’m aiming to make it a members only game as I am feeling compelled to do something for the members section right now.

Production for the game should only be 4 to 6 weeks. In theory, I could do it quicker, but I’ll also be working one a much bigger game alongside it.

Marianna : Speed Demons

Yes, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that this is the most practical way to go. Marianna’s game was the second most popular one pitched last week, so I’m pretty sure this’ll keep everyone happy.

As you can see, I’ve decided to switch her back to the Nascar setting I originally planned. I have lots more ideas for her in this setting compared to Molly, so I’m very confident about it at this point.

I switched to Molly at a while ago thinking that her looked made more sense in this setting, but after some research, I’ve found that Mariannas look is more than appropriate. Feel free to google Danica Patrick or Maryeve Dufault to discover that drivers can still certainly look glamorous.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting many more updates and images for this game.

It will be free, but released to members earlier (probably a month).

Other games

Quite a few interesting results last week, so I’m certainly glad I did the polls like I did.

The final results were (in descending order) :

  • A New Maddison game – 8.8
  • Marianna – 8
  • Crystal Part 3 with new Crystal – 8
  • Molly – 7.7
  • Leanna’s streak game – 7.6
  • Crystal Part 3 with the old Crystal – 6.2

As you can see, there was barely any difference between the middle four games, which was a pleasant surprise for Molly in particular. Whenever there’s been a ‘verses’ poll, she’s always lost, but here it seems that people don’t dislike her, they just always like someone else slightly more. I’m not sure if she’s going to be the secondary woman in Marianna or if she’ll get her own game, but I’m certain to use her somewhere.

Obviously, Maddison came top and I’m sure the posted picture did a lot to sway that. I like the idea of doing a photographer part 3 game featuring her, but I don’t really have enough women for the various photoshoots yet. I like the idea of maybe returning to it after Marianna and Molly have been seen naked elsewhere. The photographer games are always meant to showcase the previous set of characters in one game, so having Leanna, Marianna, Molly, new Crystal and others (Debbie?) all being models in it makes sense.

For Crystal Part 3, I do like the idea of a new Crystal, but I think I’d still like to work on the new version a little more. Hopefully, to integrate more of her old look with the new one.

2018 is looking very fun for me now!

February 8th Update

First of all, Bridgette Part 2 is now available for download in the members section (having previously been online only). there are also some bug fixes if you were having issues.

Thank you for everyone who voted in the polls last week.

Sadly, they weren’t quite as decisive though. Also, as one user correctly pointed out, they weren’t particularly reliable. For instance, a vote for Molly was split up between her solo game and a joint one with Marianna. So, this week, we’re gonna try something similar and use….math!

Each pitch below will have a rating between one and ten. Give the idea a score you like. Later, I will calculate the average score (probably a few times today, then once a day for the rest of the week).

Also, since we’re doing it this way, feel free to make your own pitches in the comments below and I may add them! Since we’re calculating the average rather than total amount of votes, it doesn’t matter when they get added.

EDIT : There were some technical issues with the blog and the first batch of votes were not counted. Please try voting again if you don’t see your earlier vote there.

Pitch 1 – Crystal part 3 with new Crystal

A third entry in the Crystal trilogy. I would be using the new Crystal model show above and rendering in IRAY. The gameplay would be a hybrid between the ‘Maddison style’ game and ‘Betsy style’ game. It will be set over one week when you attempt to rekindle the romance between yourself and Crystal after spending some time apart due to work. Daytimes will be fairly linear, like when you’re at school with Betsy, or at the studio with Leanna. However, evenings will be more like Maddison, where you are free to explore the city together.

How do you rate a game with new the Crystal?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 8

Pitch 2 – Crystal Part 3, but with old Crystal

The same game as above, but with the older Crystal model. The advantage of this is that it will probably be done quicker since I’d use Poser (maybe just 2 or 3 of months, as opposed to ‘new Crystal’ and IRAY which could take 5 or 6). It may also be better for continuity. It is also work mentioning that, I would still find a use for ‘new Crystal’ in a different game later, but as a different character.

How do you rate Crystal Part 3, but with the old Crystal?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 6.2

Pitch 3 – Molly in her own game

I’ve been having trouble generating ideas for this game, but I could persevere if people are enthusiastic enough about it. Molly, as she was introduced in Leanna, is a cop. Here, she goes undercover on the Nascar circuit. Now that you’re working at the news studio, Leanna sends you undercover to investigate. You bump into Molly, recognize each other and team up to expose the corruption there. Since Leanna is fine with you sexually experimenting with other women (especially if she can be invited along one time), naughtiness ensues along the way.

How do you rate Molly in her own game?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 7.7

Pitch 4 – Marianna in her own game

This is probably the game I have the most amount of conflicting ideas for currently. I did like the idea of her being some sort of international spy/assassin as I hadn’t done it before. Now I’m not so sure as, a) it may just be a bit too far fetched. This isn’t the Marvel Universe. b) this may be complicated ethically. I mean, she’ll be someone who kills people. I generally aim for a more light hearted tone with my games. There are other options though. I like the idea of you just meeting her at the hotel bar, then you spend the evening together. You could have the freedom to fully explore the hotel floor, kinda like the ‘Maddison format’. There can be a pool, a lingerie fashion show happening, maybe a live band. There’s lots of options.

How do you rate Marianna in her own game?

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Final average at 2500 votes  : 8

Pitch 5 – Leanna’s big streak

I know we just had a Leanna game, but this would be a fairly simple one to do as I already have all the characters and scenes ready (some of it’s based on cut content from Leanna’s main game). The pitch is simple : you and Leanna are heading back into the city. Your car breaks down at the city limits. Rather than call for help, you challenge Leanna to streak all the way to her apartment from where you are. Can you make it all the way to the center of the city without getting caught? Obviously, you get up to various naughty things and sex along the way. The advantage of the game is that it’ll be fairly easy and quick to make.

How do you rate Leanna's big streak?

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Final average at 2500 votes : 7.6

Pitch 6 – A new Maddison game

I posted this image on twitter recently and got a very positive response, so let’s float the pitch. As you can see, she’s rendered in IRAY with new skin shaders, and also has new breast morphs which means her boobs hang, flop and squeeze very realistically now. I’m not too sure what to do storyline-wise though. The only Maddison plan I’ve worked on so far is actually Photographer Part 3. Referencing real world events, Mr. Hughes has now died and left his company in the hands of you and Maddison. You visit the island paradise seen in some games and recruit the characters there as models (Miranda, Zoe etc). Another idea could be a Maddison and Lisette double date. The three of you spend the evening exploring the city together. Kinda like a double date, but it’s just you dating both of them together. If I go with this option, I may have a further round of polls to work out the details.

How do you rate a new Maddison game?

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Final average at 2500 votes : 8.8

And that’s all for now. As I said at the start, if you have your own ideas, post them below! If I like them, I’ll add them to this post. It’s probably a good idea to return to this page and refresh a lot over the next few days, just in case there’s any updates.

February 2nd Update

Now that Bridgette Part 2 is released and dsp3000 is getting to work on the third and final part, it’s time for me to go over where I am with my games.

Last time I posted about it, my intention was to focus on making a game centered around Molly. I began this, but I’ve had a lot of trouble putting together the narrative. I have the first 10% and the last 10% of the story sorted and I love what’s there, but everything in the middle isn’t flowing so well. I don’t feel like I have enough worthwhile ideas for the middle 80%. I can fill it up by going, “well, then they can…have a photoshoot”, but I really want to have more original setups I haven’t done before.

One alternative I was considering was maybe merging the Molly and Mariana games together. I mentioned in a previous post that I liked the idea of Mariana being some sort of international spy/thief/assassin – something in that category. Since Molly has already been established as a police officer, they could compliment each other quite well. Somewhere near the start of the game, you have to side with one or the other,- Pick Molly and you spend the game hunting down Mariana with her, pick Marianna and you spend most of the game helping her evade capture. It’s not a fully fleshed out idea yet, but I wanted to float it here and see what the reaction would be.

There is, of course one more possibility those of you following me on twitter may have already noticed – Crystal Part 3. This has been something I’ve been toying with for at least a couple of years now. I think the reason I’ve never followed through is because, although she’s the poster girl for the site and I love her, I’ve already spend a ton of time over the years with Crystal. I did some counting at the start of last year and she is the character with the second highest amount of images on the site (Rachel has the most images, Maddison is third). So, since I’m using IRAY and G3 figures now, I thought I’d try remaking Crystal. Here are the results :

Personally, I love it. I remember doing a poll a while ago with the suggestion of remaking Crystal like this, but most were against it. I suspect however that it’s one of those things where, you’re against the idea initially because it’s different to something you already like, but when you see the results, you completely change your mind.

Getting Crystal Part 3 done while I try and assemble more interesting scenarios for Molly or Marianna sounds like a good idea to me. I actually have the entire Crystal plot worked out (had it for over a year now), so I can just get on with it right now.

So, what does anyone think about any of these? There’s a couple of polls here, though as always it’s even more useful if you can make a comment below.

Also, here’s a reminder of what Molly and Marianna look like for those who don’t regularly follow the blog.

Molly :

Marianna :

Rate Rachel

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Rate Sarah

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And one more question phrased a bit differently. Which of the ideas do you simply like? Pick as many as you want.

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