December 22nd Update

Time for my annual Christmas gallery.

This year, a group of the girls have decided to spend Xmas at a secluded cottage, and they’ve decided to do it naked!

I’ll making my next blog post in the new year, announcing what I’ll be doing in January. I will be releasing something fairly substantial for the members section, but I’ve got 3 options to choose one.

I want to add that I’ve rebuilt Yessenia with a different look after my hard drive crashed earlier in the year. Finding the skin and hair again was easy, but she now has a completely different looking face,

I’d like to do a full game with her, but I’ll have to see how much free time I have to work on stuff. Alternative option is to do another volume of ‘Epilogues’, but with either Crystal, Sukiko, Molly or Marianna.

Enjoy the rest of the year everyone!

December 2nd Update


First, since I always like to add a least 1 new image to each of my blog posts, lets start things off with a mini gallery of Maddison I made his week.


Second, clearly I won’t be doing the advent calendar this year, but I will still be doing my annual Christmas themed gallery around the 23rd/24th.


Still considering my options for what to add to the site next in the new year, but I have a question first.

Traditionally, my games are very much games. You gain points in certain traits as you play, and if you get enough points, the game can continue. I’m curious to know if everyone feels the need to have this though.

A lot of adult games these days just have you clicking onto the next image, maybe with the occasionally choice appearing and affecting the outcome of the game.

I can see the advantage. Without having to worry about dialog options, games can be made quicker. If I don’t need space for point at the bottom of the screen, I can also have higher resolution images.

Do my players like this, or do you all really feel like there needs to be a fuller gaming element to what I make? Let me know.

What format should these games be?

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