February 25th Update

Hey, everyone.

Just wanted to add an update on what my plans are this year.

My next (and final?) game

As some of you will be aware, I have been considering a trilogy of ‘epilogue’ mini games, with the first volume being Leanna and Maddison, released last year. I also stated that I wasn’t committed to it, hence my previous game was just epilogues, rather than ‘Epilogues volume 1’.

Right now, I’m preferring the idea of doing a full game instead. Out of the four remaining possible epilogues, only one of them had any substantial material that I could think of : Betsy.

If it’s my last game, I really like the idea of giving Betsy a proper resolution. I’ve also had the title ‘Betsy : Reconciliation’ in my mind for some time now. Not just a mini game, probably something the size of Sukiko.

I’ll be upgrading all of the Betsy group of characters in the same way I did Maddison recently. Betsy, Violet, April and Cass should be getting new, better models. Hopefully, my next post here will be showcasing them.


Since I probably won’t be using them again in any games (beyond cameos), I thought it would be good for this month’s gallery to be Molly and Marianna.



No update from dsp3000, but I would like to remind everyone that missed the previous post that he now has a Patreon if you wish to support him and get regular updates.

You can visit it by clicking here.