February 4th Update

More images from the end of Rachel’s game this week.

As with Maddison’s game, if you perform well during sex, you have the option of choosing between a few bonuses to play through next.

I included a tiny bit of S&M in Maddison, but since Rachel is supposed to have a wilder personality, it makes sense for it to go a bit further with her.

Likewise, outdoor sex was included in Maddison, but in a safe hiding place down some steps. Rachel’s version of outdoor sex is to do it on a car hood in the middle of the street.

end95 end209

12 thoughts to “February 4th Update”

    1. The plan is to have everything finished for the first week of march, though we have to see how quickly I progress.

  1. ey hi chaotic,sir would you like to create a game with a Mexican busty,big ass girl her name can be Maritza ? her body can be better than maddison 🙂

  2. Loved the bj scenes from the previous Rachel games. Hope they’re a few in this as well, with the option to go off in her mouth with a gif like in Zoe 😀

  3. Is this the same Rachel Pt. 3 you were thinking about making a year ago prior to your poll saying that everyone preferred Maddison? Only asking since back then you were considering making a game involving her sister, would be really hot if you included that in this game somehow

    1. I’m still planning on using Rachel’s sister Betsy in a future game, but she only get s name dropped in this one I’m afraid.

      I liked the idea in principle, but trying to make the date with both of them turned out to be too awkward.

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