June 28th update

Thank you to everyone who added something to the previous blog post. Taking everything into account, I seem to have made a decision.

There is clearly a desire for the Betsy game I was intending, so I think I’ll try to get things right. I’ve advanced April a little this week, though she’s still not something I’m happy with. No guarantee the characters will work, but I can at least try for a while longer.

In the meantime, I think I need to get another game done. No expectations on it being my last game or anything, let’s just get something finished and released.

So, introducing…Yessenia Vacarescu!

I have a game plan which I’m happy with. Something that combines a strong narrative with bit of a traditional date feel.

I need 2 weeks to get my ‘real life’ work organised so that I can take a break from it, but after that I intend to get through Yessenia.

Next week I’ll give a basic summary of the game content and main lady, including explaining her name.

June 13th Update


So…I think I’m getting ready to call it. I’m not sure the planned Betsy game is going to work.

The problem is all down to the models.

First, Betsy herself.

She looks…OK. There’s definitely a bunch of stuff about her that looks off though. Her cheeks look like she has Rosacea or some other skin problem. There’s something weird about her mouth that I could never resolve either.

The even bigger problem though is April. I really, really cannot get her looking right with the G3 base figure. This is about the best I can do.

She actually looks OK as a character, but she barely looks anything like April should.

So, what do you all think? Do you really want me to continue, or should I work on another game?

Betsy or something else?

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Pitch me!

Right now I’m thinking I need to admit defeat and move onto something else. It’s been months now just trying to get these characters to work and I just need to create something substantial instead.

So, I’m open to suggestions. What does anyone want to see?

Is there an established character you’d like to see more of? No Maddison or Leanna, I’ve think I’ve done enough with them, but most of the other characters are an option.

I have a bunch of notes of potential scenarios. Do any of these appeal to anyone?

  • I’ve been a little inspired by the release of Date Ariane Remastered recently. Are players interested in one big date? Think Maddison’s main game, but with a different woman.
  • I floated the idea of making a game with Debbie a while ago.
  • Courtroom drama. Something involving the trial of Schultz from Molly and Marianna. You work with the hot female lawyer prosecuting him.
  • Sport. You play as the manager of and all female team of something. Help them to win the championship, whilst also getting naughty with them. But which sport though?

Anything else? Pitch something to me. Maybe it’ll happen.