July 25th Update

Only a small update with one picture today.

As we get closer to release I’ll be doing an update every week with multiple images, as I usually do.

Also, just to confirm a few thing from the comments section from my last post, this game should be similar in size and structure to Maddison and Rachel Part 3. You will also have the option to select gender and ethnicity.

And yes, there will be threesomes.


July 9th Update

Fist of all, in case you haven’t noticed the massive image on the front page, Katie has now been released for free. Find it, play it, download it and keep it from the games section.

Today I am also happy to announce the subject of my next game will be…Miranda.

Don’t remember her? She was hot blonde one who sells you the boat in Zoe. I’ve been wanting to do another game set in the same location ever since the first one. I’ve also had a number of people say they like her, so she seems like a good choice.

For Miranda, I also want to try and take these games into the HD era a bit more. I am working to make the images much more detailed than usual, and creating them at the larger size of 1280 x 753. If you have a smaller monitor, don’t worry – you will also be able to play at the normal size of 850 x 500.

Lastly today, I have found a solution for those who use Chrome and can’t play the downloaded games. If you are one of these people, here you go : http://www.vdategames.com/help.html It requires some altering of the properties box, but don’t be scared if you’re not used to doing that. It’s very safe.

Since I am working to make the Miranda images as detailed as possible, production of the game may take a little longer, but I’m confident it will be worth it. As usual, I will be posting updates and preview images over the next few months.

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