December 16th Update

Time to announce what’s coming next from vdategames.

My intention was of course to do these announcements last week, but hotfile was shut down and I had to use my free time reuploading every game on the site. Players should now find three different new hosts for each free game.

Onto the announcements…

The next main, new game created for the site will be Rachel Part 3. It will probably be the last Rachel game, as I like the idea of doing a trilogy, though that doesn’t mean she won’t appear in smaller roles.

I am aiming for something similar to my Maddison game in terms of size and structure. For instance, I like the idea of a whole act for the sex, but with lots of variations, mini-games and rewards. You should also expect a similar amount of locations as there were in Maddison.

The Rachel game will not be alone however! I will actually be releasing a small collection of games this time around, rather than just one. Rachel will be the largest, but there will also be two to three smaller games released with it. Their sizes will be closer to my office party game (Alex and Sophie) or Tammy. I’m not too sure how many there will be exactly, but one is already completed, so there will be at least two released.

I will be announcing more details about these over the next few blog posts. I’m not ready to announce a release date just yet, but starting in the new year, there will be updates with preview picture on a weekly basis.



14 thoughts to “December 16th Update”

    1. Not too sure what you mean by this. The ending will be similar to Maddiosn’s game.

      If you haven’t played it, this means that the main sex will be the entire final act. In Maddison the sex went through various stages of foreplay, teasing, then actual sex, which lots of different directions (and locations) for the player to choose from. There were around 200 images just for this bit.

      On top of this, there will also be threesomes throughout the plot in Rachel p3, again similar to Maddison where the threesomes took place before going back to your apartment.

  1. I hope you can choose gender for your PC like maddision games and make background jobs more affecting in dates (Office worker = has more access to certain people, getting easier access to any location, photographer = easier access to threesomes, gym trainer = get more bonus point to lust and longer sex scene)

    1. Yes, Rachel part 3 will have all the options Maddison did. Gender, skin tone, job, difficulty and time of year!

  2. Will this game have the option to choose the gender of the PC? I rather liked the games you put out that had us play as a woman, and heard Maddison had that option. It’s something to look forward to if it does.

  3. Yes, another Rachael game. The Rachael series i like a lot. Threesome(s) i read. So there is a chance then more then one threesome. Nice. So one would assume you have not yet started the game, might be a while off, maybe months to a year, but i look forward to it.

  4. Ey i try to complete yhe final story of the phoyographer but when im with maddison in the balcony and i want to kiss her and click then i fond the walkthrough it says that aftrr that i need to take pics of her but in the game she told me go back to the party,whatas wrong??

  5. You really made my year, or will make my next year, whatever way you want to put it, as Rachel is my favorite girl yet.

    However, as you are saying you like the idea of a trilogy, are you implying a third part to Crystal will also be a possibility for the next few years?

    While I’m at it, I want to say that I really like your work, even though there are sometimes a few misleaded links and bugs in the releases.

  6. Really looking forward to next update! Keep at the good work!

    Kinda inspired to make some games my own, but I have no idea what to do when it comes to 3D modeling and animating. I’ve had quite some ideas of what I want to do though.

  7. As long as there is a option to play with maddison! she is my favorite character, a 3sum or something.

    1. I’m not too sure if Maddison will be in Rachel’s game yet (they’ve already had a threesome together in Maddison’s own game), but it’s very likely one of the smaller games will feature her.

  8. ey créate a game with a girl with big bobos like maddison her name can be heather,blondie big ass like a milf,pleaseee

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