December 30th Update

Just a short post today as I want to get back to working on games as soon as possible.

April & Violet

So, first – the main news. April & Violet is nearing completion. It looks like part 2 is going to be adding around 700 images to the 989 of part 1, so that’s a total of around 1700. If I had to guess a release date, it’ll be two weeks from today, so Friday January 13th, but as always I’m not committing to that just yet.

I should be able to let you know with some degree of certainty next week.

Future Games

As soon as this is done and released, I want to focus on Leanna for a while, or at least a game made with daz studio and iray.

Some of you have noticed a new lady I’ve added to my tumblr page.

She doesn’t have a name yet, but she’s been created with a purpose. To recap for those of you who don’t remember, Leanna started off a character in a game I was simply naming ‘the motel’. This game evolved into April & Violet when I decided I wanted a bigger game to showcase the new ‘Genesis’ characters. Leanna is obviously still a part of her game, and Kristen, after a visual upgrade, is part of the game too. But, what about the third character from the original motel game ; Molly?

I’ve been trying to integrate Molly into Leanna’s game, but I decided over Christmas that it really wasn’t a natural fit. She was going to be the player character’s neighbor, and part of a secondary storyline that occasionally overlapped with the main one. The problem is that it felt like two separate games. So, why not make it just that?

So, I have. Molly’s role is now completely removed from Leanna, and will feature in a another game instead. I still like Molly more as a secondary character though, so instead started designing a new woman who could be the main focus of a new game instead. While thinking through this and the main plot, there were also a number of things I wanted to include. I have some scenes from a Spanish villa which I really like and wanted to use in Leanna’s game, but I don’t really have a use for. Similarly, I also have a Nascar track scene I never got around to using.

Combining all of these together, in about an hour, I’d a assembled a plot surrounding a Hispanic Nascar driver fighting corrupting in her sport and succombing to your attempts to help and woo her. I get to use the track, and the Villa can be her family’s over the border in Mexico. This setup also gives me the chance to add another ethnicity to the datable characters, which is cool. The woman above is an early draft of what I’d like to use.

A part of me is tempted to just go ahead and make this game next as soon as I finish April & Violet (perhaps make it a little more linear than usual for a quicker production process). Also, if Molly is now removed from Leanna’s game, it should make finishing that game much easier too. I’ll see how my mood takes me in the long run though.

Either way, the next game after April & Violet will be a free one. If I don’t have anything new to release my March, I’ll release one of the older members games such as Photographer Part 2 or Miranda for free.


This week’s poll – I generally go for the clean shaven look when it comes to my ladies genitals. A lot of it’s preference, but it’s also just easier to do.

How do you feel? On the girls in my games that is, not necessarily real life. Smooth or natural, something in between or something extreme?

Rate Aletta

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EDIT : I’ve added all previous advent calendars to tumblr, but apparently the Maddison & Lisette GIF from last year is too big, so I’ll just post it here.

December 23rd Update

Since it’s Christmas, I want to have a little fun on the blog today, but first let’s quickly get through all the formal stuff.

The formal

Both April and Violet and Leanna are still progressing. I can’t see April & Violet being released this year, but hopefully it will be finished for early January. Based on last week’s poll, when it comes to the third person camera angles in Leanna, people seemed to favor obscuring the male player character’s face, but just showing the female’s. This was the preference I was developing anyway, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. Nothing new to report on Crystal Part 3 or Photographer part 3. For the latter in particular, I’m just going to see how busy I am around February before I commit to it.

The fun stuff

A while ago, Google released a web tool that analyses a photo of your face, then tries to calculate how old you are. And I’ve been having fun with it! You can find it here :

It was pretty good at reading my own age, but girlfriend is apparently 14. So, it’s not flawless. Then, I thought, let’s see how it works with my characters. Initially, I wasn’t sure it would work with cgi faces, but amazingly, it did work!















So far, fairly reasonable, right? Well, that’s about as good as it gets.
















The first two images aren’t too bad, but apparently all of the girls in the Academy are around 30, yet their lecturer is 23.

What about one of my older characters, Cass?

13?! I guess that’s what happens when your always chew your greens thoroughly. How about Betsy and the gang?

Apparently Betsy is almost three times the age of her mother. At least April is kind of close to the age she’s supposed to be.

Finally, what about my latest creation, Leanna?
















Apparently, the well known local news presenter Leanna Marseille is only about 11. Who knew!?

Feel free to play with the link and post any of your own findings.


I was recently talking to someone about polls and noting that the final results are never definitively high, and that it may be impossible to get a final vote result that was +90%. At the very least, some people will always against the majority just because they can.

So today, in the name of science, let’s see if it is possible to get over 90% in a poll. Surely, this week’s question is fool proof….right?

Which title card image do you prefer?

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I hope you all enjoy Christmas. I will see you next week with some new pretty pictures.

December 16th Update

Progress updates…

April & Violet : Part 2

Progress on this is still going very well. Those watching my tumblr will have noticed April naked in the shower. This is the setup to your solo sex scene with her.

As always, not too much to say about this game as I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s some more preview images….


Progress with Leanna is slow, but consistent. I currently have 54 images rendered for this game, which is a respectable start, but I’m only getting 2 or 3 images added each day. Assuming the game ends up at around 1000 images, that could mean that I don’t finish it until Christmas 2017. Hopefully, there will be bursts of speed though. The current images I’m rendering take about 30-40 minutes each, but it’s mainly because of the set (there’s lot’s of reflections). Images rendered in other locations may be much quicker. When there’s no location and I just render a character against a background color (like the outfit previews I post), it only takes about 3 minutes by comparison.

Leanna seems to be the one I’m most excited about right now though. I have the full plan for the story now and nearly all of the characters set up and ready.

A note on the game structure – After I released Betsy, I wrote a little evaluation where I suggested that I should have changed the ‘layout’ of the game. As it was released, you had 2 date nights with a choice of 3 locations each time (then a third one with a choice of 3 photoshoot locations). I think that I should have rearranged the first 2 dates, so that they were actually 3 different nights, with a choice of 2 locations each time instead. Building up Betsy’s confidence that way would have made more sense, as it would have happened over a longer period of time. So, this is what I’m planning with Leanna. There will be five ‘dates’ in one playthrough, and each will have a choice of two locations or activities, and between each date, there will be a more linear daytime sequence.

Leanna will also be the subject of this week’s poll! For the sex scenes, I’m going to add the optional ability to switch to a third person view, which I’m called the ‘cinematic’ view. So far when I’ve been doing this, my instinct has been to obscure the player’s face. The theme for my games has always been that it’s you dating these ladies, rather than some preset character, and I feel like showing the player’s face spoils this. The potential problem with this however, is the female player character. When I posted what she looked like some time ago, a number of you noted that she was quite hot, and that you looked forward to seeing her naked too. But if I never show her face during the cinematic view, you’ll never really see the character naked properly, which I feel might be disappointing.

Here’s what the female PC looks like in case you forgot…

One way around this might be to not show the male player characters face, but to just show everything when it comes to the female player character. It might feel a little weird and unbalanced not showing both though. What do you all think? Here’s some options.

Is the image too dark for you?

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The Photographer Part 3

Over the past week, I really warmed to the idea of doing Photographer Part 3 as a series of smaller volumes. It’ll be quick, fairly easy to do (each volume will probably only take 2-3 weeks), and it’ll be a a good way to have some consistent releases for the members section, whilst also giving me the freedom to create larger free to play games.

I’m not as certain about including the foursome involving Betsy, Rachel and Cassandra though. I’m finding it hard to believe that Betsy would ever do something like that. A foursome with Violet and April just about works, but a foursome with her mother and sister just seems beyond believable to me. It also might make the game little too incest themed as a whole. The Maddison and Lisette threesome however will definitely happen though. That one make much more sense considering one of the possible endings of Lisette’s game.

One idea someone brought up which I had forgotten about, was the possibility of having the cast of scifi mission pose for photoshoots. It’s been established that the scifi setting is actually a TV and film franchise in the normal game universe. Since Mr. Hughes is a pseudo Hugh Hefner, it makes sense that you might be doing a photoshoot with celebrities for his pseudo Playboy magazine.

For a while I’ve been wanting to get the real life versions of the Captain, Josie and Aletta in a game, to the point where I already have their human looks and outfits setup. Here’s what Aletta looks like human in case you were wondering.

Crystal Part 3

Nothing new to say on Crystal Part 3 as I won’t be working on it until April & Violet Part 2 is finished.


So, yeah. I’m not 100% certain what the release schedule for the next year will look like. I was optimistically hoping to finish and release Crystal Part 3 for February or March, but since I’m still working on Crystal and Violet, I’m not so certain. It may be more likely that Crystal Part 3 isn’t finished until about June 2017, with Leanna maybe released around October. That would mean maybe Photographer Part 3, volume 1 is released in March instead. If that happens though, I will be releasing a game for free from the members section, most likely Photographer Part 2, so everyone will have something new to play.

See you all next week for possibly a slightly different and fun post just before Christmas.

December 12th Update

So, after the excited release of Academy Part 3, and the frantic response of myself trying to fix the site and server, where am I? Well, I’m several places.

April & Violet Part 2

The concluding second part of April and Violet is still due to be the site’s next release. The time I had to dedicate to fixing the site has pushed it back a little bit, but I’m still on time for releasing it at the end of December, or the beginning of January.

There’s not too much I can really say about this game as there will be quite a few surprises and reveals, but I can certainly share some images.



Viewers on tumblr will have noticed I’ve also been rendering quite a few images for Leanna as well.

The most important thing though is that I’ve finally finished designing the main character and, in my opinion, she looks amazing. Unlike the previous version, this one even smiles correctly too!

I have also made an importantly discovery. Poser (the software I use for April & Violet) mainly renders from my computers’s processor, but Daz Studios’s Iray (which I’m using to render Leanna), mainly renders from the graphics card. This means I can actually be creating images for both games simultaneously! So hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long to Leanna after all.

I’m also oddly happy that there have been several delays to this game. Every time I’ve had to go back and redo and image, I’ve also been redrafting the plot, and I am now phenomenally proud of it. A part of that’s in the tone. Story driven examples of games in this genre, tend to be quite serious. Betsy however, while it had it’s serious moments, was actually quite quirky (April & Violet too, but perhaps not quite as much). Players seemed to respond well to this, and I kinda feel like I found my voice in the process. So, I’m going to continue with this tone, maybe even taking it a bit further. Leanna is still going to be a very well written and character driven, but I’m also planning to include a dream sequence musical number. No, seriously. A dream sequence musical number. It’s gonna be great!

The last thing I want say about the game this week is the name. As regular visitors to the blog will know, I was considering changing it. Sienna in particular seemed to be a popular alternative, but I couldn’t quite shake that I was subconsciously naming her after CNN. I was even calling her ‘CNN-A’ at points. So, I’ve decided to just stick with Leanna. It was a popular name and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by it.

Crystal Part 3

Crystal Part 3 is also still happening!

As I said above, I can render images with both Poser and daz studio at the same time. April & Violet and Crystal Part 3 will both be rendered with Poser. This means as soon as April & Violet Part 2 is finished, I can also start work properly on this game along with Leanna. I’m not sure which will be finished first though. Ask me in about 5 weeks time.

Photographer Part 3

My intention is to have both Leanna and Crystal Part 3 as free games, so what about the members section? Well, one idea I like is Photographer Part 3. I’m aiming to complete all work with the older generation of models soon and have every game use daz studio and Genesis 3 base models in the future, so I might as well aim to finish every trilogy I started too.  Problem is that the photographer games are a massive drain one me. Photographer Part 2 in particular is massive. When you take into account the fact that all of the GIFs are sequences of multiple images, the game is somewhere between 3000 to 4000 images. Betsy by comparison is 1652.

So, perhaps taking a little inspiration from dsp3000’s academy series, why not release it in volumes? I’ve had the basic setup in my head for a while now. Part 3 will be set in the tropical paradise of Zoe and Miranda’s games, but we’d also see many familiar faces on vacation there. Mr Hughes is considering selling his company to a rich British business woman, Mia, and your job is to successfully impress her with your skills.

Each volume would focus on 2 or three models. You’d have the photoshoot, then either a party in the evening or maybe a small date. It wouldn’t be too hard for me to do either. Phototshoot scenes are quite easy to setup (a large part of the reason I frequently have them).

The basic plan would be something like this :

Volume 1 : Miranda and Zoe

Volume 2 : ??? (I’m open to suggestions if you want to request someone below)

Volume 3 : Lisette and Maddison, ending in the often requested intimate threesome for both of them.

Volume 4 : Betsy, Rachel and Cass, ending in a foursome involving all three of them.

Volume 5 : Mia and new/guest models. A similar setup to the part Melyssa and Nikki played in Part 2.

What do you all think?

Which of these locations would you like to have sex with your date in?

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That’s all for today. I’ll probably return to regular posts on Friday later this week.

EDIT : Advent Calendar

Almost forgot. As requested by some of you, here’s a link to all previous years advent calendar pics :

Also, In case you hadn’t noticed, this year’s images are all wallpapers, so use them for your desktop if desired!

December 9th Update

Some final words from dsp3000 on Acadmey : Part 3…

I’ve updated the Academy Guide with a full walkthrough for ‘The Academy : Part Three’ and added new information and images to the character guides. This can all be found in the members section under the help tab, or here: –>

Based on the few reported errors, I’ve also been through the game and updated a few files to correct them. In total only four files had non critical errors in them, meaning that the game could still be played but not with all the intended options available.
I am quite satisfied that so few files had any errors out of over 2200 created for the game.
There is a patch containing six files here:
If you have already downloaded the game and don’t want to do it again, then just download the patch file, merge or replace the ones in the ‘game’ folder.
The current online and downloadable versions will already include these updates.

I’ll be taking a few days off but I have already started creating the next part of the game while I have momentum on my side.
It will take a few months, but in the meantime there is plenty to look forward to on the site.

All the best

And from me…

On Monday, I’ll will return to making blog posts about my own games. See you all then.



December 4th Update – Site Issues

wwwHello everyone. So, how were your last 24 hours? Mine have been pretty crazy.

As many of you are aware, the site has been strained over the past 48 hours, and completely down for a few hours yesterday. First of all, my sincere apologies for any issues you may have encountered.

In preparation for Academy Part 3’s release, I upgraded to a new dedicated server. Based on figures from previous releases, tech support at Dreamhost felt that this new machine would be capable of handling everyone logging in and playing.

Apparently, it was not. I have therefore upgraded to an even bigger, faster server. Rather than just upgrading to the next tier, I skipped a few, so hopefully, this machine will be more than sufficient.

The down time from the site was due to not all files being successfully transferred between servers. Dreamhost tried transferring them again several times, but the transfer kept getting interrupted. I therefore requested that the transfer simply be stopped, and I’d upload everything myself. That way I can prioritize, and get the important things like Academy 3 uploaded as soon as possible.

So, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m fixing the members section first. All three academy games have been reuploaded, as well as April & Violet.The files for all of the other games are being uploaded right now. There’s about 20,000 to go, which should take 2-3 hours. After that, I’ll reupload everything to the free site as well, just in case there were any errors when transferring between servers.

I’ve also had some live support from Epoch. They have updated and refreshed the relevant files for membership access, so everyone’s who’s signed up should be able to access now. If you can’t, contact them via, give your details, and they should be able to help you.

I’ve also been going through every aspect of the site I can to make it more streamlined. I’ve enabled Keep-Alive, optimized even button and icon on the site, a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t even know existed until yesterday.

I also found some odd scripts on the site connected to advertising agencies which I’m pretty sure I didn’t put there. I don’t know if they were the cause of the site issues, but they certainly weren’t helping.

To ease any future strain on the server, I’m also going to be re-configuring my games under Kexter’s guidance. Rather than having thousands of html files, the games will just run from a few larger ones and javascript functions. For the online version of all games, I’m going to downgrade the image quality a little. It shouldn’t be noticeable unless you zoom in to about 400%, but it should make game play much smoother. I’ll leave the images at their normal max quality for the downloadable version though, just in case people want the truly super detailed versions.

That’s all for now. I’ll let you all know if there’s any further issues.

I’m gonna go lie down now.

December 2nd Update

From dsp3000…

Today I am very happy to confirm that ‘The Academy : Part Three’ has been finished and is ready for release. By the time you have read this update it should be in the members section. Previous updates over the past few weeks have suggested that this game was likely to be the largest I have made. Even I am a bit surprised at just how many files and images it has taken to create this episode of the series.

There are 1797 images in the game and 173 of these are animated. There are also another 188 supplemental images, which brings the total not far off 2000. If I were to count all the individual frames in the animations then I guess that’d be another 500 or so. You get the idea. It’s a big game. While I have tested as much as I can, a game this big may have a few glitches. If you do find anything then please let me know and we will get anything fixed.

There is a new code checking script at the start of the game which has been implemented thanks to Kexter. His help has been very much appreciated. The new code check protocols should be much more reliable and accurate than the one used in part two of the game. You will also notice a new way of generating a code at the end of this game too. This will also improve narrative continuity into part four.

There are five sort of bad endings in this episode and two good endings later in the game. The main emphasis is on the 36 achievements you can complete. These are displayed at the end of the game, whether you get fired or make it to having a drink after work or giving Bridgette a ride home. Because of the way the story branches out you won’t be able to get all of the achievements in one game play. You can’t pursue all the paths at the same time. This does mean that you will be able to play the game in several different ways to find all the outcomes and achievements.  I intend to pull together the full walkthrough next week to guide you through all the potential paths. It should be ready for next Friday.

The blog images will give you an idea of some of the game content, which girls you can get intimate with. I’ve also introduced another new character.

Have a great time finding everything!

academy3_sample31 academy3_sample32 academy3_sample33 academy3_sample34 academy3_sample35 academy3_sample36 academy3_sample37 academy3_sample38 academy3_sample39 academy3_sample40 academy3_sample41 academy3_sample42 promo

As always, if you’ve visited the site recently and can’t see the new game, remember to refresh the page. -Chaotic