September 30th Update

Now that MrStomper’s Anna is released, it’s time to bring you all an update on where my own games are at, because a lot has changed.

Last time I spoke about myself, I was working on a mystery game set at a motel and using characters based on the next generation Genesis models.

It was going well, but I started to have reservations. What I finally realized, was that I really liked the characters. They’re all very hot, and their personalities really started coming out. You see, I started off with the basic idea of doing something similar to Pool Party, where it would be fairly short, and would end in some sort of orgy. That worked well in the original Pool Party, but only because I used a set of characters everyone had already seen before.

In the motel game, I was rushing through introductions to get to the sex. It didn’t feel right. These new characters deserve more than that. So, what’s the solution? Expand the game? Maybe, but I really don’t like padding things out. The game is designed to be about 300-400 images. Well, how about doing a different game with them? Something big. Something inspired more by the style of Betsy. Who could be the focus? Well, Leanna has the most useful personality for it.

Within an hour, I had isolated the problem, and come up with a solution. Digging through the series of notepad files where I add notes whenever I get ideas, I assembled the basic premise of the new game in no time. Over the next few days, it developed into a nice long story about helping someone find herself and making friends with those around her at the same time, and I was very happy with it.

The only problem was that I’d already spent more time than I’d like working on the motel game, and if I really wanted to do this new one, I might not even finish it before Christmas.

Well, I already had the plot and the sets, so let’s use it. If I’m using Poser instead of IRAY, I could easily get through the entire thing in about a month. In order to avoid my original problem though, I would have to use characters I had already used before. Well, how about April and Violet from the Betsy game? That could work! They were popular, and players seemed to want more content from them. So, that’s what I’m doing!

That may not have been the most practical way of explaining my decisions, but I really wanted to give you a sense of what my internal monologue went though.

So, to summarize, the motel mystery game is now “April and Violet”, and I’ve re-purposed the characters I originally intended for that game into a new one with Leanna as the central star. Here’s the summaries for each of them…

April and Violet

Set several years after Betsy, You are travelling across the country by car. As night sets in, your only choice is to stay at the only motel you can see. To your surprise, you find April and Violet are also guests.


After some evening fun, and a good night’s sleep, you wake to find yourself trapped there. Yourself,  April, Violet, and the receptionist, Dylan, work together to discover what is going on, and how to escape.


I’ve kept the Dylan character from the first version, but had to remake her as a V4 to be compatible with Poser.

April and Violet will be a members only game. You will be able to select your gender and ethnicity, and it will all be in first person. Hopefully, it should only take me around a month to finish.


While I’m making that game, I’ll also be rendering the occasional image for Leanna, and once April and Violet is released, I’ll be working on it full time.


I’ll get into more details over this game in later posts. For now I will say, that, as you can tell by the images below, Leanna is a local news anchor. Unfortunately, despite her likable on screen persona, she has a bit of a personality problem in real life. So, yeah, I’m going full ‘taming of the shrew’ for this one.

The game will see you befriending her, and trying to improve her ‘karma’. Kristen and Molly will both also have notable parts in it, similar to April and Violet in Betsy’s game.


All of the images will be rendered in IRAY, which looks great, but does take a little longer. Hopefully, this will be finished before Christmas though.

I am also planning to release this for free – sort of. When I released Betsy for free, a respectable amount of people signed up to the members section, though obviously not as much as when I release a members game. So, for Leanna, as an experiment, I’m going to try posting it in the members section on release, but then releasing it for free soon after. Maybe as soon as only a week later.

80% of new signups occur in the week after release anyway, so this could be a good system. If it’s successful, maybe it’s become a regular way of doing it. People can pay for it early if they like, or just wait an extra week and get it for free.

That’s all for this week. Next week, I’ll have more details on both games.


September 23rd Updtae

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Anna is now now available in the members section, for download or online play.


MrStomper has adjusted the images so that the entire game is about 815MB, much smaller than was previously mentioned.

I hope you all enjoy playing the game.

Next week, I’ll be returning to updates over my own games and lots of news that I think you’re going to like.

September 16th Update

This week, I’ll be summarizing the next game for the members section, Anna, ahead of her release next Friday.

As stated in previous blog posts, Anna is the first game by a new contributor to the site, MrStomper.

Anna is your new neighbor. You find her upon returning home one day, struggling with boxes. Being the gentleman you are, you offer to help. While you do so, you can find out a little about the new woman in your life and, should you impress her enough, ask her on a date.


From there, the game follow a fairly traditional dating game premise. There are a series of locations with activities there. The ultimate aspiration is to impress her sufficiently, so that she invites you into her apartment at the end of the evening.






Locations in the game include both your and Anna’a apartment, a restaurant, the cinema, a nightclub, a bar, and the park. Expect the occasional familiar scenarios along the way, including the always welcome photoshoot.


Should you make it to the end and be invited into Anna’s apartment, sex may ensue, but there are many paths to follow. Some may just end with a blowjob, some end with sex on the couch, some with sex in the bedroom. There’s at least six main paths that I can find.


The game also includes checkpoints which activate at the of each location. So, for instance, if you don’t get the sex ending you want, you can just load up and see Anna inviting you in again.

There are also a nice section of unique scenarios to unlock through the game (achievements), such as spying on her in the shower, checking the images on her phone, or persuading her to use some naughty toys during sex.

Following a few tweaks after after the first version, the game is probably average difficulty of one of this site’s games. There are no gender or ethnicity options (you only play as white male). Finally, although the file size was reported recently as being 2GB, it will probably end up reduced in the released version. I’ll state the final file size in the blog next week when the game is released.

Anna is a very fun game. I’ve enjoyed playing it myself, and I think you’ll enjoy it too. For those of you undecided, there will be a free demo to play next week too.

Anna will be released, Friday September 23rd.

September 9th Update

One last Update from MrStomper on his new game, Anna.

Hello again,

Today’s blogpost will continue right where the last ended, talking about the third section of the game.

The last section will be all where your hard work and dedication turned into an adequate reward. Depending on your performance you will be playing through “bases” (you all know the metaphors). You will still have to do your best, or you will fail. You might even have a bad date and but still get some action. It goes the  other way too, so you will have options to screw it all up. The next big thing of this section are the animations. It contains most of the game’s 40 animations and all of the “action” is animated.

The animations are not gifs but a series of images with the same quality as all the other pictures. And if you were wandering, there are 1022 pictures. The only disadvantage of the animations system is that it makes the game fairly large at 2 GB, so for the best experience, you should play it offline,
or the animations may not work properly.

The game should work offline for most people. There is a technobabble about it below, but if you are not interested just jump down for the naughty preview pictures I promised you:)

As stated above, the game has 2 GB and that is due to animations. This is the main reason why you cannot choose ethnicity as it will bloat the game to 4 GB and gender (8 GB) which is inappropriate for this kind of game. But the primary restriction of the gender are story reasons. [Chaotic – actually, I don’t think it would inflate the size by that much, but still I’d expect 2.5-3GB if you included gender and ethnicity]
Each animation is made up from at least 30 images and the biggest from 170. All together there are over 3000 pictures for animations. At 30 frames per second, downloading such number of pictures may cause problems when internet connection is slow. So, for the best experience, you should play the game offline. I have a working solution and a way how to compress the pictures into movies, but it only works with HTML5 and therefore will not work for many people.

Offline play should work for most people no matter the browser they use. The game uses both local storage (new engine) and cookies (old engine) and first it checks if your browser supports the new engine and lets you know that. If your browser supports the new engine, good, if not,  you may consider updating your browser (but if you do not want to do that, it’s OK) and the game will run on the old engine.
I have tested it with Opera, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge and Avast safezone.


Demo version will be released the same day as the full game and it is the entire first section of the game and it contains all its the main features.

Easter eggs

There are few references hidden in the game. Some are hidden not so well in the ideal walkthrough, some are hidden better in the optional scenarios and one is hidden in the abyss. I don’t know how the total number of them as I did not make a track of them, but feel free to share your finds with others
in the comments after the game is released.

And here is the last batch of preview pictures.


Anna will be released for members on Friday, September 23rd.

It was actually supposed to be next Friday, but I’m going to be away for a few days around next weekend so it’s not very practical. Next week, I’ll add some of my own commentary on Anna to try and summarize what you should expect before the release the following week.
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September 2nd Update

This week, more from MrStomper on his forthcoming game, Anna…

Hi again,

Today is about game mechanics and structure.
First, the game mechanics. Last week I told you that the game is difficult. That is because it is “wide” rather than “long” (but is long enough).  To easily navigate the game, it has a scoring system that shows your Influence on the girl and her Lust. These are the major governing variables of the game. About 30 minor variables will still be hidden from you. They manifest themselves differently.
Next to help you to explore is a checkpoint system. The game is divided into zones and at the end of each one you will be given a choice if you want to:
a) try again, restarting the game,

b) continue, advancing in the next zone and c) load checkpoint, starting the zone over with the entry values.
Important mechanic to help you are hints in pictures, mostly face expressions. That can be hard to pull off, so please, be lenient in your judgement.
Below is an example of reactions to an outcome.




Last thing to help you is that the game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy, Normal and Hardcore. The original idea was to have only one difficulty with Hardcore settings, but after feedback and testing it proved to be way, way to hard! Now it is toned down, but the option to play it at the original difficulty is still there, and it is the only way to see everything in the game. Easy mode helps you in the beginning, Normal mode provides optimal gaming experience and the  Hardcore mode unlocks one additional short scenario.

As for the game structure, it can be divided into three sections of roughly the same size. In the first one, you will meet the girl and ask her for a date. The second section is the date itself, where you will

have fun…


watch a movie…


meet new people…


<p><em>have some more fun…</em></p>


reminisce the good old times..


or fuck up horribly…


It’s up to you.

The last section will have its own blogpost next week. Together with some naughtier pictures, technicalities and some other things.

Till next week…