February 17th Update

This week it’s time for a preview of one of the Rachel encounters involving other women.

In Rachel part 3, it will be possible to engage in a foursome with Ellie and Maddison. Make the right choices, and you will discover that a rich (an elderly) local millionaire is holding a big party, to which you can get an invitation.

While there, an indecent proposal can take place, which can end with the three ladies playing together in front of a video camera for a large sum of money.

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9 thoughts to “February 17th Update”

  1. One thing that I liked and is not showing up are games with more female perspective. I love games where you control a girl to help you satisfy your sexual desires, especially when no man meddle and have sex between girls.

    1. You should enjoy these then.

      In Rachel part 3 you can play as a woman, and you control women in all three mini games.

  2. All these previews really look awesome!
    I appreciate what you do here. It is quite good quality. The best is we can play a lot for free. So I give you a lot of props for all this.

    Yet, I am wondering some things. I dunno if this is the right place to ask, but I see no other option just yet to ask about it.

    I am very happy with the walkthroughs you made for each date, yet I miss some. Not all the games have a walkthrough, not all might be necessary neither, but I just like to know if I play the right way to get each possible ending in each date. Are there more going to come?

    For the game of Kelly for example there suppose to be 5 endings, yet only 2 are described in the walkthrough section. You have the other three endings somewhere?

    Today I tried to play the 4th ending of the date with Leilani, yet something isn’t quite right in this walkthrough. Cos after you had a couple of drinks with her, you go with her to the nightclub where the lady offers a hot deal. In the walkthrough it says that before you go in on the lady’s offer you will have to dance and kiss Leilani in the club. But once you did that, it is a dead end.
    Cos after the dancing there is no possibility coming to still go in on the lady’s offer. You know what I mean?

    Can you help me with these gameplay problems?


      1. My last post for now…

        When I play the date with Leilani and, according to the walkthrough, in the casino we should grab a drink after she changed into the dress. She says she wants to have a Vodka. I order the drinks and than we end up in this filename: http://www.vdategames.com/lei/ie/VDG/LEI/casinocheck10.html.
        This filename has a black image, I don’t see anything anymore, not even textlines to choose from. So the game has an error, cos from there on I can not play on anymore. Can you solve that problem too?

  3. I hope to see more with Lisette as well. Madison, Lisette, Rachel AND Grace in one game would definitely be keeper. Could be a lesbian bachelorette party with Grace about to be married and they hire you as the stripper. Playable as either male or female. could even bring back Katie. You’ve only done the one with her as a playable character. The Virtual World needs more Katie.

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