September 29th Update

While I progress with the expanded content for Leanna, I’m still finding myself trying to decide what to do next.

In my last blog post, Kenta asked if there was still a possibility of a new pool party game. I’m not too sure if this is what he had in mind, but it did start me thinking.

There’s a number of secondary characters in Leanna which people have expressed an interest in seeing again, but in a much more intimate way. Debbie, hostess of the pool party. Leanna’s ‘friends’ from the yoga and basketball scenarios, Henrietta and Lysander. There was also the bunny girl waitress from Mr Hughes party, Ashley.

On the positive side, I don’t have to create any new characters, I can reuse a lot of the sets from Leanna, most notably Debbie’s pool. That would save much more time and effort.

On the negative side, I can’t see this being a game with a strong narrative. It’s yet another game where every sexable character is white. I’m also not really into any of the characters that much, except maybe Ashley.

Last week I listed a number of other possible games I could start working on next. They were :

  • Betsy squeal
  • Crystal part 3, either in IRAY or Poser.
  • A ‘girl group’ game
  • The ‘Nascar’ game
  • A superhero-centric game

Do you prefer the Pool Party idea, or one of the other ones?

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EDIT : Random bonus image – Lissette rendered in IRAY with new shaders applied.

September 22nd Update

Not too much else to talk about this week, so I’m just going to list where my current mood is in regard to future games.

Girl Group

Some time ago I stated that I was considering the idea of doing a game based around a ‘girl group’-  a pseudo spice girls style ensemble with three to five different singers.

I’m currently leaning towards this as my next game, which would be for members only as I really need to add something to the members section. This seems a good fit as, to be blunt, a game featuring multiple characters which you can have sex with such as the photographer games or the academy series always attracts more new members.

It would also be my return to Poser for at least one more game. It means I get to use unused characters such as Mia or Cherise.

I’ll see what happens. I’m certainly developing a more favorable attitude towards IRAY now that I’ve taken a break.

Part of the reason Leanna took so long is because I was also learning. Knowing what I do now, There’s a good chance a new game with IRAY might just take as long as one with Poser. I’ll have to do at least one more IRAY game to find out.

Crystal Part 3

For a couple of years now, I’ve been considering finishing my Crystal trilogy. I actually have a plot I’m really satisfied with and a good logic for how the gameplay should go. Basically, day times are fairly linear (though they can branch off in different directions), and the evenings have complete freedom, working more like Jennifer. This seems like a good way to have a plot I can control, but lots of space for the player to explore too.

I think part of the reason I haven’t really gotten too enthusiastic about this game might be Crystal herself. She’s my oldest character, and has appeared the second most amount of times in my games (Rachel is the only one higher). It’s not quite that I’m tired of working with her, but there has to be a change that makes working on her game worth it to me.

So, what I’m really leaning towards right now is to update Crystal herself and completely remake the character with Genesis 3 and IRAY. I don’t just mean transfer the character to the new base model either. I mean start from scratch. It would be the equivalent of what Arianeb did years ago when she upgraded from V3 to V4.

I would keep the general face structure and style of Crystal, but make her more modern and, hopefully, hotter.

Betsy 3?

I see ‘April and Violet’ as Betsy 2, so I do like the idea of a ‘Bynes family trilogy’ finishing off Betsy and co’s story.

At least one of you noticed the Easter egg in Leanna of her neighbor being named A Bynes. This was part of a possible setup for the next chapter in Betsy’s story. ‘A’ is actually her father, and the story would mainly be focused on finding him and reuniting the family.

I don’t have too much yet with this game when it comes to ideas though.

Nascar game

I also have some ideas and models together for a Nascar-centric game I was starting work on a while ago.

The main woman would be one of the drivers and you would be working with her to expose corruption in the sport. I also liked the idea of a hispanic main female (the site needs more ethnic diversity). I have a few Spanish villa models that would work well for this game too.

Now that most of you have played Leanna and seen Molly’s role in it, you can probably guess how she features in this game too.

Something else?

I have other projects I started doing tests for but never really got beyond that stage.

Here’s a couple of images of Kristen as a Catwoman like superhero for instance. I didn’t like my original Kristen for Leanna, so I just used the one I had here. It’s crazy how different, but still hot, she looks with her hair down and glasses gone. That definitely works well for a superhero persona.

We’ve already seen her with a gun, so maybe this would be a fun way to go a Kristen game. Developing different heroes and villain would also be quite fun for me.


So, what do any of you say when it comes to any of these ideas. Two polls this week with slightly different questions just so I can gauge the responses better.

When answering, try just assuming that whichever game I make will be free, as I have no idea what would be free or paid for yet. Hell, maybe they’ll all be free. The revenue from the members section has been consistent for a while.

Rate Kristen

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September 15th Update

Something a little different this week as two new free games get added to the site.

Dreaming with Elsa and Redemption for Jessika are games by Tlaero and Mortze. Many of you are probably familiar with their work already. Some of you will not be however, and that’s why they’ve been added.

You can find them both on the site on the games page.

Tlaero and Mortze are struggling a little to get their revenue on Patreon up to a level that makes them more comfortable. Currently, it seems they’re getting just under $3000 per month. Since they’re a duo, they have to divide it between them, then deduct tax. What remains isn’t an ideal amount to keep making these games with.

To give some context, my server costs alone are about $500 per month, and when you add up all of the new assets to I had to buy to make Leanna, she easily cost at least $3000. Maybe even closer to $5000. Similarly to what I did, I believe Mortze is in the process of upgrading everything to Genesis 3, so he’s gong to be needing a similar amount of money. Also, obviously, the more money they get, the less hours they need to work on their usual job, and the more they can dedicate to making games.

So, if you like Tlaero and Mortze’s work, please consider signing up to Patreon to donate. You can support them for as little as $1 per month, but you can also give a little more too. Patreon accepts Paypal, and will simply come up as ‘Patreon’ when you are billed.

Becoming a Patreon supporter means you get perks from the creators too. In this case, for $5 per month, you’ll receive weekly exclusive images and occasionally small bonus games to play.

Both have helped me in the past – Tlaero helped me develop the engine I use for my game, and Mortze gave me tips when I was learning to use IRAY recently. Advertising them like this is the least I can do.

I’ll even make it super easy for you. Just click this image below and you’ll go straight to their Patreon page. 🙂


September 8th Update

Today, I just want to share some of the cut/alternative stuff from Leanna with a quick explanation as to why is was removed or chnaged.

Strip club

Originally, the plan was for Leanna to perform on the stage at a crowded strip club, but in disguise so people didn’t recognize her. The main reason I didn’t like this was because it would be the first time you see her breasts exposed, but her face would be covered. I feel for a moment like that you should be seeing her face too.

Having an empty strip club instead also means that I didn’t have to bother with crowds, which is always good.

Longer streak ending

I had a few more locations included for the streak sex ending, including a dirty looking alley.

The reason I only added the locations I did is just because I wanted the project to end. If I’m in a good mood, I still might add this at a later date. There was also an unfinished motorway set and an underpass.

Pubic hair

I did some tests where Leanna has pubic hair rather than being shaved.

I prefer shaved myself though, and wasn’t persuaded by how the pubes looked. I’ll have a main character with pubic hair for a game in the future though.

Cum shower

Finally, this is a weirder one.

For the ending where you just stay at home and have sex with Leanna, I wanted to have it be particularly dirty. For a while, I quite liked the idea of her wanting to cum on her, but leave it one for a long as possible. Over the course of the morning, she would make you cum over and over until she was covered.

I get the tone I was going for, but in the end, it just looked a little silly. Here’s some of the pics though for those of you into that type of thing.

September 1st Update

This week, I’ll be going over all the things that will; be added to Leanna : breaking the facade for it’s final, ‘complete’ version.

  • Let’s start with the obvious one – I will be adding the usual gender and ethnicity options you’ve all come to expect from my games. As well as the already available white male, you’ll be able to choose black male, white female, and black female.
  • The sex scene at the studio will be expanded. Some of you have already spotted the images for a blowjob to finish the scene. There’s also the option to keep having sex hidden while the tour are in the studio. This was cut because scenes with a larger amount of people take much longer to render.
  • The final sex scene at the apartment may get a small upgrade. You may have noticed that it jumps rather abruptly from handstand blowjob to pole dancing. There are some extra frames to fill in the gap.
  • I’ll probably expand the threesome sex scene so that Leanna gets more involved with the player.
  • Some images will be redone, such as the final shot at the quiz. The current one is just a reuse of the crowd scene from earlier, but from a different angle. I’d prefer to have one with unique poses.
  • I may also add a low facade path. It was my intention to have two possible ways for the quiz show to go. It facade is low, you get the scene in the current version. It[‘s it’s too high however, Leanna is much less considerate of ‘the thief’s’ feelings and berate them until their crying. I’m not sure this is something people are bothered about seeing though, so I may just leave it.

And that’s basically it. I was going to add a checkpoint and an easy difficulty, but obviously I just ended up adding that last week instead.

I’m not too sure how long it will take. 99% of this is just down to rendering time. The actual html work and writing is less than a day’s work. It’s probably going to be a least a couple of months though.