July 24th Update

Some final words from MrStomper on his new game…

Hello again!

Today is a good a day that brings you information about the story structure, mechanics, technicalities, numbers and most importantly, the release of Anna 2!

The story is linear in locations, but your choices will influence how the girls react to you and to each other.

There are several activities on the ship and then there are flashbacks, through which you will try to remind the girls what their friendship was about (or not, it’s up to you) and also to better understand what is the problem that caused the current animosity between the girls.

The flashback segments contain less choices and are very narrow story-wise, but once you master them, you will be able to skip them. This way you won’t get bored by them! There is also a checkpoint system, so you won’t lose all your progress in the unlike event of a failure.

Overall, in this first part are Intro, three Ship segments and two Flashback. Together they comprise of nine hundred and 69 (nice!) pictures. You cannot choose your gender (you will always have a dick), but you will experience the flashbacks through the eyes on one of the girls.

There is also an extras section with bits that didn’t make the final cut and such.

And now I am pretty sure you are bored and just want to try it out… So go ahead! And let me know how you liked it! There is always room for future improvements.

I hope you have fun today!


Anna 2 is now available in the members section.

EDIT : There were some issues with the online version at launch. They have all been solved now and both version of the games are playable.

July 17th Update

Today, please welcome back to the site…MrStomper, who is here to day to announce a sequel to his first game, Anna.

Good news everyone!

I am here to make your summer a little better with my next project! It has lots of summer vibes!

This time around it has more traditional structure then my previous one. You are a guy, you are on a ship and with you there are two girls: Anna and River.
You already know Anna. She looks a little different now, because the whole thing is done in iRay for your viewing pleasure (more about that later), but it’s still her.

Her best friend, River, you might have notice in a very small cameo in the previous installment. Say hello to River.

So, you are with them on a ship because they wanted to see a little island and to have some fun. But as you will soon find out, there is something wrong as Anna cannot stand to be even near River!

And now is your turn to find out what happened between, how to fix it and eventually fix their relationship. Or not. That part is up to you. But you will have to tread lightly and carefully, because two girls angry at each other can be unpredictable.

It is a simple setting but can generate a serious amount of fun. Even more fun is assured by the gorgeous pictures that can be achieved with iRay. With some trial-and-error based learning, as you can see with this early draft:

The final result is really worth it, even though you have to be little masochistic to make the whole thing with iRay.

Here are some more pictures:

If you are asking yourselves how in the name of the unholy fuck would they ever get someplace else than the ship, the answer is: via flashbacks! The whole story unravels at two levels.

The first, as mentioned, is you and the girls on board of a ship and the second are memories you are about to explore to figure out what caused the current animosity.

I will talk about the story structure, mechanics and other technicalities next week. But you are all more interested in the release date. At this point I have to mention some not so good news.

Since the whole thing got really big (over 2 000 pictures) and the rendering times are shit, I won’t be able to finish it all for the summer. So, I’ve decided to split it into two equally large parts.

But don’t worry, it is still the full-sized sexy fun time we all love so much.

Anna 2: Part 1 releases July 24!

See you next week!


July 3rd Update: July 5th

It feels like every year I intend to do a fun set of themed images to go with July 5th. But then I’m always working on a game at this time of year.

Well, not this time!

I went with the top 3 winners of the recent playoffs. There’s also a bonus image of Maddison with another hair style.

Happy 5th of July everyone!