January 30th Update

A lot of work done this week, and I’m nearly at the end. Photographer Part currently has 1197 images in it, and I still have a small bunch to do.

Since it’s also so large, I’ve decided that I will probably need a little more time to sort through any bugs when I’m finished. Therefore, it won’t be released next week, but the week after that. Friday the 13th of February to be precise.

This week’s selection of previews comes from the Katie ending : kat23 kat31 kat47 katlast

January 23rd Update

All the photoshoots are now done, which means the first act of the game is now entirely finished.

Here are some samples from them,which include the two women I previously had not mentioned : Katie and Jennifer.

Both are potential models for the photoshoots and each come with their own endings.

That leaves only Katie, Jennifer and Cassandra’s endings to finish working on, which hopefully shouldn’t take too long. Right now I’m working under the assumption that the game will be released on Friday 6th of February. Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that next week.

Also, the game currently stands at 1113 images, which means when it’s released it’ll easily be the biggest game I’ve ever made.

cassp11 cassp15 jennp15 jennp37 katp7 katp31 tamp8 tamp16

January 9th Update

I’m finally getting around to doing the photoshoots this week.

That might seem like I still have a lot to do, but photoshoots are actually super easy and quick to do. First up is Lisette.

As you can see, like the the first photographer game, there is a brief interview with the character, followed by the main photoshoot with them.

lisp3 lisp9

January 2nd 2015 Update

While I will be finishing this post with an Update on Photographer Part 2, I’d like to talk about something else today.

Over the past year, I’ve been doing various experiments with the Unity3d engine. You see, companies like daz3d and renderosity have recently been emphasizing that you can use their models as part of your 3d games. This means that I can add my characters to a 3d environment and you can interact with them like a ‘normal’ game.

The initial tests have been very good to the point where I would be very confident making a ‘3d date game’. Also, just to be clear, when I say 3d, I don’t mean you need 3d glasses or anything like that. I’m just talking about a game where you can move freely around the environment like in the Grand Theft Auto games, rather then just displaying a series of images. I’ve put together a quick demonstration on youtube so you can see what I mean – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b161NqARfx0

So, to finally get to my point, is this something you all would be interested in seeing and playing? A VDG3D game where you can roam around the city, visit different locations and interact with various different women.

I know a part of why my games are popular is that you don’t really need a gaming computer to use them, so I’m worried that not everyone here would be able to play it. At the same time though, you wouldn’t need a very powerful PC to play it. It won’t be a massive sandbox game like Grand Theft Auto, so most of you would be able to play it. I have a very old Windows XP laptop, and it runs on that!

I’m interested in hearing as many thoughts as possible on this, so go ahead and post any comments you have.

Photographer Part 2

Here’s this weeks two preview images for Photographer Part 2.


The current number of images is 769 and still growing!