September 26th Update

This week it’s time for more details on The Photographer part 2.

This time around, rather than working for Maddison, you will be working directly for Mr. Hughes, the old pseudo Hugh Hefner character from Rachel Part 3. What I was trying to setup in that gameĀ is that the client Maddison needed the Photos for in Photographer part 1, was Mr. Hughes (it was also supposed to be one of his parties in the original game too). This also explains why Ellie and Maddison had invlites to his party in Rachel Part 3.

The two featured new girls, Melyssa and Nikki are both professional models working for Mr. Hughes.

Like the first Photographer game, the player will explore the city looking for models for his or her latest job. If you can find four, and deliver a satisfactory photoshoot with each of them, you get access to the party at the end of the day. Although Melyssa and Nikki will not be available for photoshoots during the day, they will be accessible at the party like Maddison and Ellie in the original.

melyssa1 melyssa2 melyssa3 melyssa4 nikki1 nikki2 nikki3

Progress on the game is going very well. There’s already over a hundred images, so this should be a very large game by the time it’s finished.

September 19th Update

Today I am proud to announce that the next game for the members area will be…The Photographer Part 2!

The game will be a continuation and sequel to the original photographer game, and work will work in a very similar way. There will be multiple characters, and multiple endings with each of them just like the first one.

The original Photographer was a way to bring together all the dates that I had created at that point, and the sequel will share that. Expect every date since Photographer Part 1 make an appearance, as well as many new ones- notably the two on the image below (the brunette is Melyssa, and the blonde is Nikki).

This is already turning out to be much easier to make than Miranda. In the last week I’ve made as many images as I did in the first two months of making her date.

I’ll hopefully be making weekly posts on a Friday from now until release.


September 12th Update

As some of you may have noticed, progress with Miranda has been a little slow. This is partly of course due to the larger size and higher detail of the images, but there’s other reasons. Although I didn’t really announce it, I was also quite ill earlier in the year (hence I ended up doing the tutorials instead of working on a game), which also means I started later. I did the math and at the current rate of work, assuming Miranda ends up the size I want her, I won’t be finished until April.

Normally I make two games per year, so this isn’t really acceptable to me.

After wrestling with this for a while, I have decided that the best thing to do is delay her until next summer. She’s a summer game anyway, so it makes more sense.

I have therefore decided on another game I want to make. It’ll be a large game, but also one that I can produce a little quicker than normal. I will be announcing what it is next Friday.

Miranda’s game will be released. It will just be at a slightly later date. I’ve included here one final preview image until we see her next year.