November 25th Update

From dsp3000…

‘Since my last blog update last week I would like to announce the proper title for my next game. ‘The Academy: Part 4B’ was just a working title based on chronology, but the game will officially be called “The Academy: A Date with Bridgette”.

To recap this game is designed to bridge the gap between the end of part four and the start of part five. It will also give more detail to the overall story and provide some clues and information which will prove useful for part five in the future.

So back to the present.

I’m exactly 1319 images into the production of ‘A Date with Bridgette’ so far. Which means this week I’ve created about 250 new images/pages. I’m pretty satisfied with that because I’ve had plenty of other things to do besides game creation lately.

What does this mean for the overall production process and when will the game be finished and released? Well, I predict this game will easily reach 3000 images and may reach 4000 before it’s all done, putting full completion around 3 to 4 months away. That means March or April 2018 at the earliest and that’s a long time to have to wait.

I started looking at the structure of the game a couple of weeks ago and had an idea. The game narrative is split into four stages. Each stage has multiple options, locations, outcomes and achievements. You need to pass each stage to progress on to the next. It’s like each stage is a game in itself.

You may see where I’m heading with this…

I’m proposing releasing each stage one at a time over four consecutive months starting in December 2017 and concluding in March/April 2018. Each stage will still be a significant size, with each release comprising a game of around 800-1000 images. I figure this would be a good way of keeping you all happy and as well as keeping myself motivated too.

Stage one is more or less complete which means, subject to a few technical details I should be able to release the first part of the new game within the next two weeks.

I hope this works for everyone.

While you all think it over I’ve shared a few more images from stage one which include a couple of the new characters you might want to meet.


November 17th Update

This week, news from dsp3000 on his next game…

Hello again everyone. My last update was in October and I’m now in a position to reveal what my next game will be.

To recap, over the past 18 months I’ve released the first four parts of the Academy series of games. These are based around four consecutive days working and having fun at The Goodhead Academy. Part four of the series left off on Thursday afternoon and so in theory part five will start on Friday morning. However, those of you familiar with the story will know that one of the main achievements you could gain during part four was to get Bridgette’s phone number so you could ask her out on a date with you. I had thought about including a date with Bridgette as a final sequence in part four but shelved that idea because I wanted more time to really do it justice. Cramming it in at the end would seem a shame. I then thought about having the date as an element of part five, but again struggled with fitting it into the narrative.

So a while ago I came up with an idea which I think is much more satisfactory.

The date with Bridgette is going to have it’s own game. Think of as ‘The Academy : Part 4B’. It will be a full game that totally compliments the series as a whole and will also effect what happens during part five.

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy creating this new game and from a creative perspective it’s been great. I was getting a bit frustrated with the limitations of the Goodhead Academy location, but this new project has allowed me to introduce several new locations and a few new characters too. I’m actually quite excited about it. I don’t get excited very often.

At the moment I have completed well over 1000 images for a game which may even reach 4000 by the time I’m fully done with it. That will give the impression that it will be months before this game sees the light of day. But don’t despair, I’m in negotiations with Chaotic about exactly how and when this game will come out. It will be sooner than you expect. More on that next week though.

In the meantime, and as always, here are a few images to keep you all interested.


November 11th Update


Just a simple update today to summarize where I am at with the Leanna update.

For those of you who are not aware, I am planning to release an expanded version of Leanna : Breaking the facade very soon, mainly adding the option to choose you gender and ethnicity. There will also be some small expansions to the sex scenes.

There are currently 181 new images rendered. all of the non sex scene images are now rendered, so from here it’s just pure sex. I’m starting with the sex ending in Leanna’s bedroom, and I’m nearly done. I think there’s just over 100 left to do (plus animations of course, but that won’t add too much time).

Here’s a selection of what to expect.


One more bonus pic since I’m starting to work a little on Molly too.

At least one person was commenting on her ass, so let’s have a good look at it.


I’m regularly using Tumblr, but it’s been nearly a year since I tweeted something.

Out of curiosity, what do you use?

You can pick up to 2 answers.

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November 5th Update

So, after many weeks of deliberation, it looks like I finally have a full plan for my next group of games. I have plenty of conviction towards the characters, and it gives me some time to do the other, non-VDG things I must before the end of the year.

Mariana and Molly

I am going to give give both Mariana and Molly their own games. They are both very hot, and I really don’t want to downgrade either to a supporting role.

First up will be the Nascar game staring Molly. You will be working with her (an undercover police officer) to expose corruption in the sport, with Molly showcasing her considerable driving skill along the way.

Mariana will be getting her own game soon after. The reason why Molly comes first, is that I want to have much more time perfecting Mariana’s skin textures. There’s still something a bit ‘off’ about them to me. There’s a couple of solutions, but each is going to require lots of trial and error, which means more time. By the time I get a Molly game finished, she should be perfect though.

But what will she be doing? I’ve decided to expand the other premise I was considering with her (the one where you meet her in the hotel bar). In it, there was going to be the implication that she is some kind of international assassin. I’ve decided to just run with that as it’s got lots of potential, and also has a very different angle of how your romance progresses. It’s also a good reason to use lots of outfits I don’t normally get to, such as a leather catsuit. I can still keep her heritage and use the hacienda sets I have with this premise too.

I also like how these ideas could combine together into one big story arc. Tlaero and Mortzes game seem to be aiming to some sort of crossover where each of the women’s superpowers come in useful. It would be fun to do something inspired by that – Leanna as the intrepid reporter, Molly as the driver, and Mariana as gun wielding kick ass assassin. That would be a cool team.

(BTW, both images above are 1920×1080 if you want to use them as wallapapers)

Members section

Last year, I made April and Violet for members section. While I enjoyed it, it was clear that I lost some conviction towards it, as I really wanted to be working on Leanna. I suspect that, if I started working on a big members section game now, something similar would happen as I clearly want to get on with these two games.

So, as an experiment, this is what I’m going to try. I’ll work on Molly with the intention of it being a free game, but I’ll release it to members first when it’s done. Then, after a couple of week, or maybe up to a month, I’ll release it for free. At the same time as I add it to the members section, I’ll also add a bunch of smaller stuff. I’ll think I’ll release a bunch of mini game at the same time (similar to ‘Kelly Solo’ or ‘Strippers’), and also add a new pile of members area exclusive galleries. Between all of them, I think I should get a reasonable number of people signing. up. It’ll be an interesting experiment.


So, if I’m perhaps aiming for a game in the long run with Leanna, Molly and Mariana, that does make thing a little more complicated for the player character. If you are technically playing as a different character each time, who do you play as in the game with all three of them?

An obvious solution is to have it be the same character in each game. some players have expressed reservations about this though, as it means you never really end up in a true relationship with any of them. This works with the ending of Leanna, as I never really felt you ended up that way at the end. You were just two grown adults you liked have lots of sex together. It’s not like, say, Betsy where a clear, fairly long term relationship was established.

So, what do you all think? Is it fine that the player character and Leanna only end up good friends and ‘sex buddies’? Or do you feel that it’s only worth it with a proper, romantic, at least fairly long term relationship at the end?

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Update, November 6th

So, some interesting information has just come to light regarding my ability to make a 3D game. One of the main suppliers of my 3d assets has just released a new license which would allow me to use many more of my established characters in a 3d engine.

Just to clarify, by a ‘3d game’, I mean one that exists in a 3d environment. My usual games are a series of 2d images. A 3d game would be more like what you’d normally play on your game console. You can move around freely, explore the environment etc.

Let’s have new poll so I can gauge how interested everyone might be in this.

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