October 30th Update

This week, some first details from dsp3000 on his upcoming game, Tara Part 3…

Tara Part 3: The Assignment

The final installment of the Tara Trilogy picks up in the hotel the morning after where part two finished.

Faced with the late cancellation of professional models you have to help Maddison to complete the photography assignment. Fortunately, after last nights exploits, you are already well aquainted with Tara, Natalia and Maria.

What happens during the day depends on the choices you make and the locations you visit.

This game is currently about 70% complete with just under 700 images so far. I’m still on schedule for a release date some time mid to late November. While still only my third game, I’m now really getting to grips with the software I’m using. So far I’m really happy with the big advances I’ve made in terms of higher render quality, a more varied storyline, and better appearance of all the girls in this game.The images are also 30% bigger and I’ve worked really hard on making the animated sequences even better than ever.

These first four images should give you all a brief idea of what to expect.

tara3_blog1 tara3_blog2 tara3_blog3 tara3_blog4

More updates next week.