July 29th Update

The academy : Part 2 has now been released. You can find it in the members section.

Some last words from dsp3000 on the game…

I am very happy to announce that ‘The Academy: Part Two’ is finally completed and is now available in the members area.

This has been my most intensive production so far with the whole game taking about 14 weeks from start to finish. It’s larger than Part One and much larger than originally planned. It’s also technically more complex too. While I have tested the game thoroughly, I would be very surprised if there aren’t a couple of minor bugs that have been missed. Please report any issues and I’ll get them resolved as soon as possible.

In total there are exactly 1500 images in this game, with around another 100 images used for end cards and achievements.

The Academy will become a five part series and while Part One was more of an introduction, this part really starts to develop the plot and the relationships between the characters. I also wanted to pay special attention to building in good replay value.

Just as in Part One you can still get fired, but there are many more paths to choose this time which can reveal much more positive outcomes too. While there are seven ‘bad endings’ there are also 20 ‘achievements’ to collect during the multiple ways to get to a good ending. To help you keep track of what’s in the game, I’ve introduced a new feature which records and shows your achievements at the end of each play through. It’s not possible to get all 20 achievements in one game play because some outcomes conflict with others, but they should all be achievable by playing through in different ways and (crucially) with different entry codes from part one.

Four of the female characters have very erotic scenes to discover in this episode, along with a few other tastes of nudity and teasing from some of the others. And for the first time ever in a VDategame there is an MMF threesome scene to participate in.

To play this game you will need one of the six codes gained at the end of Part One. Rather than just finding the codes online, I would recommend playing Part One to find the codes before you play Part Two so that everything makes more sense.

Enjoy playing the game and no spoilers please!


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July 22nd Update

From dsp3000 on his upcoming game, The Academy : Part 2.

This should be the last update before the next episode of The Academy is released next Friday. I have a few bits to finish off still, and some more testing to run through, but overall I’m very happy with the way this game is looking. From the perspective of image quality, storyline development and variety of playthrough options, it’s definitely my best work so far.

I’ve included a few images which will give you some more clues as to where the action takes place in this episode. You will be able to have erotic encounters with five of the characters in this game plus a few other nice little extras with a couple of others.n The last image this week also hints at the appearance of another new character.

Next week will be all about the game release, but I might throw in a bit more nudity for the final blog update images too.


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July 16th Update

From dsp3000 on The Academy : Part 2…

Progress has been pretty good this week and I’m now working on the files and images for last major scene. After that it will be a full check through, a few minor image updates perhaps, and a full checkover of the scoring system and the checkfiles which make the game work as it should. As such I’m still on target for release at the end of July.

With the aforementioned scene still to complete, the image count is now just below 1400. Only time will tell just how many images the final game will comprise. It will be pretty big though.

The preview images this week are all taken from one key scene. If you remember, in part one Bridgette asks you to take part in a studio session with the students. This session takes place early on in the second installment of the series. The choices you make in the studio will effect what can happen for the rest of the day. There are around 300 images in this scene alone and there are several ways to play through it. It should be lots of fun.

I’ve thought plenty about replay value in this episode. This scene is a pretty important one if you want to discover all the potential outcomes.

More next week.

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July 9th Update – Academy Part 2 preview

This week, news from dsp3000 on his new game, Academy : Part 2…

While Chaotic has been busy completing and releasing the excellent ‘Betsy’, I have spent the last 10 weeks or so working on the second part of ‘The Academy’ series.

Just to recap this is intended to be a five part series. Each part represents a day working at the ‘Goodhead Academy’ and meeting all the characters who reside there. Each part will further expand upon an increasingly complex story, and your actions in each part influence your options in the next.

Originally I had planned that each part would have around 700 – 800 images and would be produced in a 6 to 8 week timeframe. Part one took about nine weeks and had just under 1000 images and part two has currently exceeded 1200 images with two major scenes still to complete. Clearly I am terrible at sticking to self imposed work limits… 

Fortunately, for you the player, it means that the games are being given the increased time and attention I think they require and deserve. Unfortunately, it also means that each part is taking longer than originally planned. I think it’s worth the wait though. The five part series was supposed to be a year long project, I can however see it taking somewhat longer…

So back to The Academy Part Two. The images reveal most but not all of the characters who appear this time. Notable is the return of Holly.  This installment has more options to explore than in Part One and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed by what those options entail.

As previously mentioned, the current image count is well over 1200, and I’ve completed 17 out of the 20 scenes on my production schedule.

Two of those remaining are larger sex scenes, so I reckon the final count will be about 1400.

This also means that the game is close to completion. All being well it should be released on or before 29th July 2016.

More info next week.


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