August 25th Update

Hey, everyone.

Great to see so many people enjoying the game!


First of all, here is the walkthrough for Leanna :

It should be enough to get you to the end with all three endings available. I still encourage you to try the game without it first though. Some of the updates listed below should help you.

Game update

I’ve also uploaded a new, 1.3 version of the game with the following upgrades.

  • A checkpoint where the game is saved. This was something I was just going to add in the ‘complete’ version of the game. It’s why there is the slightly out of place image saying ‘the next day’ at the end of day one. Since so many people were requesting it, I though I’d just add it. Now, if you fail, you only go back to here rather than starting all the way back at the train again.
  • Easy difficulty setting added.
  • Bugs fixed. It looks like the main one was the removal of a bug at the strip club where you could gain and extra ‘minus’ to Leanna’s facade. This caused a new bug as players weren’t able to lower the facade enough at the apartment.

If you’re playing online, I’d recommend clearing your browsers cache just to make sure all of the new changes take effect.


If you’ve already downloaded a version and don’t want to download the entire thing again, here’s a link to a patch : PATCH

Just merge the gamelrge folder in the zip file with the one on your computer.


And since I always post at least one image, here it is.

This is actually from a picture Leanna hangs in her dressing room. Bizarrely, I never actually ended up with an image where you can see it.

August 19th Update – Leanna Released

Hi everyone.

Today I am very proud to announce the release of Leanna : Breaking the facade.

Final stats are 1509 images. The zip file size is 823mb. If you can, I highly advise you to download the game rather than try to play it online. The site will no doubt get a little strained over the next 24 hours.

A few quick points :

  • Though I have thoroughly checked the game, there may still be some bugs. If you find one, please mention it in the comments below and I’ll try to fix it as quickly as possible.
  • The title. Yeah, with all the focus on images, I never got around to mentioning the small change to the title. Breaking works much better than fading (which always struck me as a bit pretentious).
  • If you haven’t been keeping up with the regular blog posts, this version does not have the option to pick gender and ethnicity as you normally would with my games. I’m going to release a ‘complete’ version in a few months with those options added, plus some extra content. I’ll be going over the details of these next week.
  • I will be adding a full walkthrough next Friday with my usual blog post.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the game!

As always, if you can’t see her yet, make sure you refresh the games page.

EDIT : Here’s a patch to update the game to version 1.2 :

Just drop everything that’s in there into the ‘gamelrge’ folder.

August 17th Update

Hi everyone

Just a quick update today to report a potential l delay with Leanna.

I’ve decided I’m not happy with a small pile of the images and I want to re-render them.

It’s nothing too drastic, but the images all have a minor thing wrong with them that I’m unhappy with.

Examples :

One of the waitresses are floating in this one.

It’s intentional to see the player in the reflection, but I forgot to add a bench, so they are floating.

The woman on the right is actually inside the table.

It’s mainly just things like this.

I’ll try and render them all overnight, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be done by morning.

Hopefully, Leanna will still be online tomorrow, but if it’s a bit late, or Saturday morning, you’ll know why.

August 10th Update

So, if there’s one thing I’ve decided over the last 9 months, it’s that I really hate working with IRAY. I can’t wait to get back to producing games with Poser.

Progress with Leanna is respectable, but I’ve made a decision regarding at couple of things over the last few days.

The main content that needs to be rendered now are the variations for gender and ethnicity, many of which are animations. That makes how long they will take to render very unpredictable.

So, this is what I’m going to do…

Leanna will be released next Friday, August 18th. However, this release will only come with the option to play as the white male character.

In a few months time, when I have the stomach to face this project again, I will complete the other options and release a ‘complete edition’ of the game, with the option to play as different genders and ethnicities. I will also be releasing the game in an optional 4k format as well (next weeks release will just be the normal size your all used to). I’ll probably expand a few scenes etc too.

It seems like the best option as I’m sick of this project going fast then slow, then fast then slow again. I just want it to be done and released, but while not sacrificing any plot or quality. This way, I should easily finish all of the images tomorrow, and that gives me a full week to finish the writing and check for bugs.

So, it’s official. Leanna : fading the facade will be released next Friday!

So celebrate, here’s a final selection of random images from the game.

August 4th Update

Just a fairly small update today.

I’m still working on the final sequence. Sadly, the images aren’t done yet, but I’m progressing though them at a steady rate (twenty done today).

I decided to have Leanna and Kristen’s ‘big sequence’ together at the basketball court from earlier in the game. I was going to have it at Leanna’s apartment, but I’ve already used it a lot in the game already.

The court renders beautifully, and it does so quickly, so it makes a good choice.

Also, to finish with, here’s a couple of images from the jogging sequence I haven’t mentioned yet earlier in the game.

Although I did mention August 11th as a possible release date, there’s still no guarantee it’ll be the big day. At the current speed, I’m actually thinking it may be something weird like Wednesday 16th.

I’ve only got around 50 more images to setup in total, so I’ll let you know where a release date stands once I’ve got them completed. A mid week blog update next week is with more details is likely.