November 26th Update

From dsp3000 on The Academy : Part 3

Firstly, apologies for the delay on the blog update. This is purely down to me trying to fit too many things into my life. But better late than never.

I can report that ‘The Academy: Part Three’ is nearly, but not quite finished. However, I am on target for releasing the game next Friday 2nd December. This is the first time I have stated an actual release date so, barring catastrophe, I intend to to stick to it.

I currently have one final scene to complete plus a few loose ends to tidy up. The game is looking good and it will easily be the largest I have ever made. While size isn’t everything, I do hope that it will be considered my best work yet. I’ve paid close attention to critique on this and other forums in an attempt to improve on the way the story is told and the way the game can be played.

Even with a production schedule I have allowed myself the option to expand scenes where I thought it necessary to enrich the narrative and improve the gameplay. This of course means that once again my creative ambitions have exceeded my initial brief. In an attempt to temper my lack of restraint I even dropped one scene from my original plan for part three, and moved it to part four instead. It’ll fit better there anyway.

The game is still massive though; but hopefully in a good way.

Today the image count reached 1607 and, with the aforementioned work still to complete, I anticipate that part three will have close to 1700 images once finally finished. Some of these are included with this blog post.

I hope that nobody is too disappointed not to have a new game to play today, but I’m pretty sure it will be worth the wait”


academy3_sample30 academy3_sample29 academy3_sample28 academy3_sample27 academy3_sample26 academy3_sample25 academy3_sample24 academy3_sample23

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar will also be returning to the site for it’s fifth year. Look for it on the front page starting December 1st.

November 21st – Virtual Date Games 3D

Hi Everyone. It’s me, Chaotic. I know the emphasis right now on the site is Academy : Part 3, and I don’t want to take too much attention away from it, but I really want to do a small mid week post today to get some feedback on some ideas I’ve had. I started a thread on the new lagoon forum, but I want to get as much feedback as possible, so, I’m going to post here too.

Since Academy Part 3 is going to be released a week later than I had scheduled, I allowed myself Friday afternoon to return to Unity3D and experiment. Things look really good there these days. I’ve got a ton of locations, nearly all of which are ready to use in a full game.

preview1 preview2 preview3 preview4 preview5 preview6 preview7 preview8 preview9 preview10

I feel like the main reason I still haven’t put together a 3D game yet is that I still can’t quite decide what format the game should take. Should it just be a 3D version of one of my regular date games? Maybe, but they already exist. To make a game in 3D, it has to be worth the effort. If all of the content is just what I could have in a 2D game, then what’s the point?

So, here’s a list of format scenarios, each with their own polls. Let me know what you think.

Custom dates 

This is the main idea I came up with that’s made me enthusiastic.

A date, but with a character you can fully significantly customize. That’s certainly something that can’t be done in my regular 2D games. Don’t expect a level of customization that you’d see in, say, Fallout 4, but I could certainly set it up so that you can pick :

  • Face shape/structure
  • Body shape, including breast size
  • Skin color
  • Hair style
  • Maybe fashion style

I could also have you select personality, name, and should it be voiced, I’d give a few options for how she sounds. This might be a good way to include some more niche preferences without it being something everyone has to use, such as mature characters, particularly skinny ones, or particularly large ones.

My only real reservation with this is that I feel many players would really want to date their favorites, but in a 3D environment, such as Maddison or Rachel. One way around this could be to have established characters as the threesome options. So, while dating your custom date, you can run into Crystal working at the pool, or Rachel working a stripper, then persuade them to join you. Basically the same as Maddison or Rachel Part 3.

Which format do you prefer?

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Just dating the established characters  

You could either explore the game locations, find characters, then ask them out, or maybe pick the person you want to date from a phone and meet them somewhere. Either way, it would be regular dating scenarios, but in 3D this time.

The biggest problem with this will be coming up with 5 or more different ways that a date would progress in a certain location. Can there really be that many different ways that going to a pool with Crystal, Maddison or Erica can play out? I can see myself struggling with ideas.

It’s something I’ve done many times before. Having it all set in a 3D environment however will probably present fun, new ways of doing things.

I could also make it a combination of established and new characters.

Should I just stick to the regular stuff?

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Episodic releases

Similar to above, but each date is released desperately.

Episode 1 : Date Crystal 3D

Episode 2 : Date Maddison 3D

Episode 3 : Date Rachel 3D

It would certainly give me time to come up with new ideas for how the dates can have different things happen, but at the same location. Basically, just a 3D version of what I’ve done many times before though.

What do you say to Crystal stripping on stage at a strip club?

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Pool Party

There’s a WIP adult game also made with Untiy3D that’s been going for a while now. It called house Party and you can download and play it here if you wish :

The plot has you joining a neighbors house party and trying to make naughty things happen. You can persuade the charters to get naked and…other things I’m told. I actually had trouble progressing with the plot for this game (if someone can give me a walkthrough, or at least tell me where the whip-its are, I’d be very grateful :)) .

Anyway, I could do a pool party game quite similar to this. 5 or 6 established characters (or maybe new ones) could all be invited to a pool party at your house. You can explore, help the guests, resolve any conflicts between them, give them all excuses to get naked etc.

This seems like something where making it in 3D seems worth it. It also wouldn’t be too big, or take too long to make.

What is your preference for how many times you can have sex in one playthough?

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Would you be OK with Crystal 3 not having a threesome? Note : There will still a nude scene with Erica and Crystal.

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A combination of some

I like the idea of a custom date, but I also get that fans of the various characters would want to see them. So how about 2 story modes?

Mode 1 would be the date with a custom character, along with familiar characters as options for the threesomes.

Mode 2 would basically be a remake of the first Photographer game. You explore the various locations, find characters, persuade them to partake in a photoshoots, probably by completing a small quest for them. It can then end in sex for them, either during the photoshoot, or at a party later.

Or maybe just a game that’s a remake of the original Photographer game.

Final Poll

So, looking at all of those options and their variants, if you could only have one, what would it be?

Would you be OK with this game not having a threesome?

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I’m also very interested in hearing any of your own ideas. To be blunt though, when I say this, I’m not really looking for storylines. I’m looking for ideas where the logistics of the gameplay would fit well with a 3D environment. Maybe something that uses exploration well, for instance.

Or, of course, I’m also interested in just hearing your thoughts on the idea of a 3D game in general. What does everyone think?


November 18th Update

More from dsp3000 on the Academy : Part 3

Progress has been reasonably good over the past week and the image count for the third episode of ‘The Academy’ series is approaching 1400. I still have a couple of significant scenes to complete so it’s looking very much like I will easily break the 1500 image mark with this game. This would make part three the biggest game I have yet made.

Speaking of image counts, I should perhaps add that I count an animated gif files as a single image when I compile a final image number. The thing about animated files is that they are usually made up of between 5 and 50 rendered images. Bearing in mind that about ten percent of my images per game tend to be animated means that I actually have to produce far more renders than the final image count suggests. Why am I telling you this…? I don’t know, perhaps it’s just me justifying why it takes so long to produce each game.

So along with endlessly rendering out images, I can now begin to see the end of the process, and start to think about release dates. If I don’t sleep, work on nothing else and glue myself to a computer for the next seven days then I might just finish everything. More realistically it’s looking like at least another two weeks but hopefully no more than three weeks work to complete and test everything.

This episode is necessarily complex. As the story builds up and more and more stuff happens, it all needs to compliment the overall narrative.Part three is turning out to be a really critical episode in terms of the story so far and setting up what happens in the next two episodes.

There is also plenty of sex, and as your reputation and influence level builds, there are more opportunities to get away with some fairly outrageous stuff without getting caught. You will also find out about the characters, conflicts, pacts and secrets which operate in the Academy, and begin to see which sides you can choose to take.

Everyone has secrets.


academy3_sample17 academy3_sample18 academy3_sample19 academy3_sample20 academy3_sample21 academy3_sample22

November 11th Update

This week, more from dsp3000 on Academy : Part 3…

It’s November already and this time last year I was busy completing ‘Tara: Part Three’. I was also in the early planning stages of ‘The Academy’ series of games. I’m now over halfway through my current five game Academy project and, coincidentally, I have already started planning what I’m going to do next.
I have a few ideas that I’m developing, some more likely to happen than others. While I do like reading the blog for critique and for inspiration; I can’t promise to incorporate everything into my games. But keep all the feedback and ideas coming and you just might get what you ask for.

In case anybody thinks that planning new games before I’ve finished my current ones is a bad thing… Don’t worry; I am still fully committed to completing the Academy games and making them as great as I know they can be. Fitting such a labour intensive project into my spare time isn’t easy and sometimes the game format can be limiting and frustrating especially in terms of telling a story. Despite this I am still enjoying working on it when I can.

Last week’s update was actually written a few weeks ago, so this week I can report that I am actually closer to completing ‘The Academy: Part Three than you might have expected. The image count as of today has leapt up to 1258 and I have just two major scenes to complete plus a few linking sequences and a few other images.

As such I am fairly confident that with another two weeks work I will have it completed. Add another week for testing and it’s very likely that this game will be ready to be released at the end of November.

I don’t want to give away any of the plot, so please don’t ask. That said, here are a few more images to give you a taste of what to expect.”


academy3_sample10 academy3_sample11 academy3_sample12 academy3_sample13 academy3_sample14 academy3_sample15 academy3_sample16

November 4th Update

This week, an update on dsp3000’s new game, The Academy – Part 3

Over the past couple of months I’ve been quietly working away on the next installment of ‘The Academy’ series. Parts one and two have covered Monday and Tuesday, so it won’t surprise anybody that part three is all about what you can do on Wednesday.

In the story so far you have begun to establish relationships with all the main characters and found out a little about their motives and personalities. This next part really begins to develop the reasons behind why you are working at The Goodhead Academy and exactly what it is you are supposed to be achieving. Of course there are more achievements to be had than just what you are being paid for…

Production has been progressing reasonably well. I’m just approaching the 900 images completed mark which, considering part two had 1500 images in total, still puts me a few hundred images from completion. My production schedule says I’ve pretty much completed ten of the planned seventeen scenes. This also puts me a bit behind on my original time frame. I was hoping to have completed this episode by the end of October, but it’ll likely be more towards the end of November now.

In all likelihood this will be even bigger than part two due to some after hours scenes and several new on and off campus locations.

For now though here are a few sample images to perhaps give a few clues as to which direction this episode may take you.”


academy3_sample1 academy3_sample2 academy3_sample3 academy3_sample4 academy3_sample5 academy3_sample6 academy3_sample7 academy3_sample8 academy3_sample9


For those of you who were having trouble playing Jennifer recently, the issues are (hopefully) fixed now, for both online and downloadable versions. Props to Kexter for help with the fix.